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This is a ARPG group dedicated to the closed species Bagbeans and more by griffsnuff

Hello! Before you ask anything, please take a careful look around the group's front page and this list! You might find an answer for your question faster! sometimes the mods are lost in the woods.


How do I get a bagbean?
How to get a bagbean guide

What is a tracker and How do I make one?

Fill out this form BB Tracker base and submit it to your jounals!

Can I change my Bagbean's design?
Can I change my Bagbean's design? simple guide!

How does the MYO Process work?
Myo approval process guide

What creatures/CS/Species are in this group?

Active Griffia species list

What are Kryptox, Perfaunts and Fornlees?
These three are Griffias other main residents side by side with Bagbeans. Even if the world focuses on bagbeans, these creatures are also a big part of it and they work just the same way as Bagbeans does.


You can click on the light boxes in the corner of this journal to read about basic ARPG and world stuff!

What are Bagbeans?
Bagbeans are bagmaking bipedal farmers/travelers/builders/explorers and magicians!

Common bagbeans range from 50 -100 cm tall! They can be a few cm above 100, but not much. They also usually do not  get shorter than 50 unless they are a kid, or an indigenous bagbean which range from 30 -50 cm.

Here are some basic sheets and info about them
Bagbeans Species sheet - CLOSED SPECIES by griffsnuff Bagbean BEANOTYPES  OLD PLEASE USE NEW by griffsnuff How a bagbean is born and grows up by griffsnuff
Bagbeans are also more  plant than they are an animal, they can live for around a thousand years.

Most bagbeans decide to go on their final journey to find their final restingspot when they are a few hundred. It is said there is a bagbean that is so old, he was one of the first!!

Are they a closed species/can I make my own?
Bagbeans are a closed species by griffsnuff
Make your owns are not currently available.

How can I order a custom one?
griffsnuff 's Customs are Currently Closed until their Todolist is done!

What are Beanotypes?
Beanotypes are the word used for the different subtypes of bagbeans like Common, floral, nomnom etc.
You can learn more about them by reading the Griffian Recourses

Can I sell my Bagbean?
Of course :D (Big Grin)

Can I trade my Bagbean?
Of course :D (Big Grin)

Is co-owning allowed?

How you decide to own your bagbeans are up to you, but its not recommended unless you trust the other person completely!

However! if you do co-own a bagbean, you need to decide which one of you will be the pea master! since two people cannot have full pea count on the same bagbean! This person is also the one who needs to do the trial artworks and so on!!

Can I roleplay with my Bagbean?
Of course :D (Big Grin)

Why was my journal/YCH declined to the journal/YCH folder?

Journals and YCH's has to be 100% bagbean only. If you want it in those folders do not include other Closed species, characters, designs , other griffians etc. Make it Bagbean only. You can however offer money/points, do it for free or do bagbean swaps.

This is a Owner decision. A lot of people only use group for species sale/trade dumps, and I do not want to be one of them.

My questions/submissions/comments haven't been answered yet, when will they be?
Be patient, sometimes there might be a lot of work going on behind the scenes! But we do our best to try and get to things as soon as possible! :D


Can I reserve a species for my Bagbean's bag before I get a custom slot?
No. At the moment this is not available.

Can I use the same species for the bag as someone else?
No. Some human made breeds can be used if it has a legit different name. Only mythical bagbeans can have more of one creature be made. (like two unicorns as long as they aren't the exact same)

Which bags are taken?

Here is a list :D (Big Grin)

Can a bagbean be based of characters from movies, cartoons, books?
No. No copyrighted character/ design by any other. You can always have hairstyles, accessories and such from other characters, but it will not be that character.

Can I get a bagbean based of my pet?
Only if its species is not taken on the taken list :)

What can a Common bagbeans bag be based of?
Extinct birds/mammals/insects/dinosaurs etc
Any animal that lives on our own planet etc..

Can I suggest a species for adopts/DTA:s?
Yes, but it might end up not being used.

Can I change my Bagbean's design?

You can of course make minor changes! Which includes

- accessories
- hairstyles
- claw color
- toe nail color
- scars
- minor marking/color placement
- minor hair color placement
- bag/backpack straps and detail.

But if you want to change it completely, like do big color/marking/style changes you can do so by getting dye potions or special beans!

Here is a visual example
Can I change my Bagbean's design? simple guide!Wanted to make a simple visual of changes you can do with a bagbean you own that do not require the need of dye potions! :D
Things you can always change no matter what
- Hairstyle
- Hairlength
- Color of fingernails/toenails
- Acessories
- Scars
- Straps on bags/backpacks
- Loss of limbs (these cannot grow back so if you decide to remove a limb like quest has had done to his tail, it cannot grow back!!! )
Things you can Only change with dye potions!

- Hair color
- Big changes of body markings/placements
- Color changes of body and body markings /facemarkings
- Main bag color change!
Things you can change with a Starbean

- Eye color
- Other body mutations

To be able to remove these features, you need a star reversal potion!!
A quick visual with the help of Quest!

This is his original design with acessories
Quests origina

You also submit any changes made with beans in the edits to official information in the editing hub.

Can I design bagbeans for you to re-base and sell?
No please do not do this unless I ask you to be a guest designer!!

Are there any guest-artists, if is who?

At the moment, no. This will be updated in the future if they are made.


Can Bagbeans have mutations?
yes if you win/own the starbean
Star bean by griffsnuff

What are beans for?
Beans can be used for a whole bunch of things! At the moment there are these
Peanut Money bean by griffsnuff Money bean by griffsnuff Event bean by griffsnuff Time bean by griffsnuff Star bean by griffsnuff
Swirl bean by griffsnuff Stitch bean by griffsnuff Love bean by griffsnuff Treasure bean by griffsnuff Medal bean by griffsnuff
Prompt bean by griffsnuff Ribbon bean by griffsnuff Magic bean by griffsnuff Dye bean by griffsnuff Glowbean by griffsnuff
Skull bean by griffsnuff Tamer bean by griffsnuff Hollow bean by griffsnuff Aura bean by griffsnuff Fool Bean by griffsnuff
Enchanted Stitchbean by griffsnuff Shapeshifter Bean by griffsnuff

Click on them to read more about them!

Are there more Items?

Yeah! check out the item index if you scroll up!

What can I do with money beans?
You can use these beans to pay for actual Bagbean customs/adopts/features that cost money! You can also use them to partialy pay for a custom and the rest with USD. Moneybeans are also going to be usable in the Shops.
Money bean by griffsnuff

What can I do with Peanut Money Beans?

You can use these beans to pay for actual bagbean Co-Species customs/adopts/features that cost money! Peanut Moneybeans are also going to be usable in the Shops.
Peanut Money bean by griffsnuff

Where do I see which beans I have/don't have?

Here are the bean banks!
Money beans and Peanut Money Beans:

If I have forgotten to add you, link your proof in a note and send it to this group!
If you change your username, please note either myself Leahlinn or the group so the list can be updated!
If you have more than one account it is your personal responsibility to keep track of your own beans!
This journal holds all the PMB's and Money Beans.
Peanut Money Bean holders 1 bean = $1 or 100:points:
Counts toward Griffia co-creatures
agentsassy X3
AicaraCalatia X0
anneartz X5
ArcticHalo X0
Aubor X0
Ayinai X0
Balkeir X6
birbean X10
bloodorangepancakes  X5
BloomDoom X11
BugNark X3
chubean X2
Cinderdraco X2
CJPossum X0
clarinetistdoves X0
CometShine X0
Meilima X7
CylaDavenport X0
darkmoondancer X14
denpun X0
Ellen-24 X1
Eva26x X18
Fluffified X0
Froggypenguin X1

Can I sell/trade my beans/items?

Yes! But wait until it is in The bean banks/item banks

What are Peas?
Pea by griffsnuff
Peas are points you earn each time you draw your bagbean, or everytime someone else draws your bagbean/you buy a commission from someone. These are used to rank up your bagbeans political status so they get more recognized in the community and can even join higher ranked events/trials later!


What are peanuts?
Peanut by griffsnuff

Peanuts is a point system for gift art and is something you earn every time you do a gift for someone! Do a trade for someone or even get paid to draw someones bagbean! These peanuts count toward getting discounts of Griffia co-creatures!

Can I sell/trade my peas and peanuts??
No! Peas are stuck to the bagbean who has earned them and peanuts are stuck to the artists who does the gifts.

If someone makes an entry for a DTA event but doesn't want to win the bagbean, would they get an event bean anyway?
Yes! Everyone who enters events no matter why gets event beans! And all entries will count peas toward the winner!


How do I know there is any active Events/prompts/contests?
Check out the page! it is always updated with whats going on , and activity that you can join!

Will there be DTA (draw to adopts) ?
Yes there will be atleast 2 DTA each month
(might be exceptions)

1st - 15th
15th - 30/31th

When are prompts?
There will also be 2 prompts per month!

1st - 30/31st
15th - 30/31st

Will there be any MYO contests?
At the moment these are not being planned. Myo/lovebeans are given to active members of the community instead!

Can I join in the events if I don't own a Bagbean?
Of course!! :D (Big Grin) And all events will give you an event bean no matter what.
Event bean by griffsnuff
Can I join DTA's if I already own one or more Bagbeans?

What happens if staff members join the contests/DTA's? (Will they get to vote when judging the winners?)

If staff members join they will not be able to vote or judge.


Should I inform the staff if someone acted rude in the group?

Yes! Contact one of these:


Should I inform the staff if I see scamming/illegal stuff in the Bagbean-society?

YES please do! Contact one of these:


My Edits/Training/Trials etc has not been approved yet, what do I do?
Please wait atleast 2-3 days, if it its still not approved, contact the group and we will try and fix it asap!

I SEE DRAMA!! Who do I contact?

Sindonic s is your best option!

Can I become part of the staff?

Atm we do not need anyone else, but the bigger the group grows, the more help will be needed! So there will be some hire journals in the future unless I already know of someone I want to join! The more active you are, the bigger the chance is to become part of staff! It is a hectic job that requires being calm and level headed but also very focused!

Why hasn't my question been answered yet!?

Sometimes there can be a lot of comments and it will take us a while to get to them all, if your comment hasn't been answered in a few days, resend the question in case we skipped it!


Is there any guides to bagbean anatomy??

Yes here are the refrence sheet!
Bagbeans Species sheet - CLOSED SPECIES by griffsnuff Bagbean Skull doodle by griffsnuff
Here is some made by the community!
Skeleton by Du-sk  Bagbean Drawing Guide by Momoless  Anatomy Helper  by Kandy-Cube

How can I submit my drawing to a specific folder?
Click into the folder in question and click on the + sign and add drawing.

Is K18 material allowed?

Gore yes

Sexual themes No! These have no sexual organs, no sexual desires either since they are more plant than they are animal.  If you want to do art like that please keep it to yourself :3

Bert will show you why
NPC Bagbean - Science bean with anatomychart by griffsnuff

How do bagbeans grow up if they do not breed??
Here is a quick comic explaining it!
How a bagbean is born and grows up by griffsnuff

Can I make YCH:s? (Your character here)
Yes :D (Big Grin)


Are there any Bagbean bases/lines to use and color?
No official ones atm! But if you look around the community people have made many!

Can I make a bag/fursuit/other accessories of my Bagbean?
Yes, but please ask those who owns the bagbean if your making one of one you do not own!

Can I make a plush of my Bagbean?
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED :D (Big Grin) we all love plushies!! squeel

I bought a Bagbean from another deviant, but I don't know if they actually owned it or if I got scammed. What do I do?
GO LOOK at the actual masterlist over at :iconthekingdomofgriffia: : D all owners and previous owners are listed there!

Contact one of the mods! and they will help try to resolve it with you! All first original owners will be posted on the official arts that griffsnuff has made

Do they have a butt?
Not really, but if you want to draw buts on them you can. They don't really have buttholes or genetalia.

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PenNPixel Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  Student General Artist
Ive been wanting to get some things done, but my bagbean hasnt been added to the masterlist yet?
(Ive been trying to be patient but i got curious when it might be updated with new bagbeans ^-^)
griffsnuff Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
You can do them but they wont be registered/added until its added to the master list :3 just be patient, our master list mod is doing their best to keep up the demand of 4 people designing things that needs to be uploaded. Da has a spam warning if something gets added to often hehe
PenNPixel Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Student General Artist
Oooh I forgot about the spam thing being and issue XD and I know with all the sudden four main Griffians being sold now can be hard. Just got curious ^-^ thanks for responding, I'll keep my eye out for them
SophieSuncatcher Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
If you draw yours/someone else's bean in human form, does it still count for peas/peanuts?
griffsnuff Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
yepp :D
SophieSuncatcher Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool, thank you!
Chaosaholic Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Filmographer
I can't find your guys' discord link.
Ukulelewolfeh Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I was wondering, I wanted to make a tracker for Maze but I'm pretty new to this and wanted to know if there's a tracker template?
ReadNeko Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional General Artist
I was told to ask here so heres my question:

Is it possible to make a floral bean such as for example, a white carnation and then make a green carnation bean as well? Or, Is this not accepted because it's the same floral species but different colors like, roses can come in yellow, red, pink, and sometimes purple and orange?
griffsnuff Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
if they have seperate species names its fine. Color is not enough unless it gives the species a different name
ReadNeko Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional General Artist
As far as I know it semi does such as a rose being rose but a smaller rose is labeled rosa 
Thlyatara Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017
Figured I should ask all of these here rather than in other places. (And the sister groups don't have FAQ yet soo...)

1. Do semi-mains have to do the immigration trials as well? Such as a Caster doing Beania and Fluffia immigration trials.
2. If other main griffans besides Bagbeans hit Royal status via peas does the color of their flesh change to blue too?
3. Other mains who complete their immigration trials can do all the other trials in the areas they unlocked (except for race specific such as the Identity/Horticulture/Orginality) like the magic trials yes?
4. About Matter Marbles for AGH's, what are the ranks they can earn called? I can't seem to find that...
griffsnuff Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Semi mains do indeed need to do immigration trials 

yes it does

yes they can :D

You would have to ask Kandy-Cube for that last one
Thlyatara Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Good to know! THANKS!


So many trials with so many characters o.O I CAN'T WAIT

FOUND IT. And have no idea how I missed it for so long XD
ARSONlST Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I know we can give our Griffia characters little chinbeards but could we give them a full on beard? If so would that require the long fur mutation or is it just not an option? :>
griffsnuff Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
that would require long fur :3
ARSONlST Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Gotcha! Thank you <3
Sirona-The-Healer Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm curious if the rarity of Cursed Beans has changed, since it's stated that there is at least 3 in every hundred but I believe there is only three in all existence currently? (Mostly curious cause I like the cursed beans and would love to see more of them :'D)
griffsnuff Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
the number doesnt mean its going to be that many per 100, its there so that I dont make more than what it says per 100 xD
Sirona-The-Healer Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah! Thank you for the clarification~ <3
AngelDracon Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2017  Student General Artist
Hello! I apologize if this has already been answer but I was wondering if bagbeans had any form of electricity?
griffsnuff Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
:D there will be made a specific creature who will create it, but I wont be to strict on what people want to do
AngelDracon Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017  Student General Artist
ah okay thanks for answering (QvQ(
Faileh Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017  Student General Artist
ah it doesn't seem to be on here but do you guys have a discord?
Kandy-Cube Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
hello here is the link to discord.
Faileh Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2017  Student General Artist
thanky ou
aestheticbeans Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017
If you add a bag dye potion, Will it only give u one shade of color or diffrent shades of color in one potion? Ex: light blue, blue and dark blue can be added with just one potion
griffsnuff Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
works like the other potions so it will give you any shade of that blue :3 
aestheticbeans Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017
Ooooh!! Tysm for the reply uvu
wrensghost Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017
So I'm really really stupid - all Bagbeans, even customs with a set appearance, have to do the Identity trial period, right? We're just drawing them pre-Identity anyway? I'M 99% POSITIVE ITS YES BUT I'M REALLY REALLY STUPID TINA
crazzycat5 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
In the world of Bagbeans yah they all do the identity trial :D! Some bagbeans as mentioned by Tina don't, and those are the bagbeans in the bb world that are super plain/blank and just do care taking jobs or other jobs in the world. But for all the BB's Tina creates yes technically they did the identity trial :D (was making my reply and then saw Pickle replied but I thought my info could be helpful to X3)
wrensghost Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017
got it!!! <3 thank you cat, and no worries, i love the trials themselves and it sounds like a lot of fun but if i could jump ahead and get to the other stuff without it i was gonna LOL thanks!! 
crazzycat5 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yah so basically when you do the identity trial youre just showing what happened to them in the past to get to how they look now :) and no problem!
Pickleweasel360 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
You don't have to do any trials if you don't want to, BUT the Identity Trial must be done before any of the other Trials available.
But you can draw and use your Bagbean without doing the Trials, the ARPG elements are for fun and something to do, but you aren't required to do them.
wrensghost Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017
Oh no that wasn't the worry! I'm more than happy to do them, it's why I joined the group - I just was confused as to why a Bagbean who already has an identity needs to do the Trials. I don't mind doing it in the slightest, I just didn't want to do it and then realize I didn't need to LOL
Pickleweasel360 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Oh I see! Yes is it just slightly backwards since you get the Finished Bagbean first and then do the ID trail. So YOU as a person know what the Bagbean's Identity is, but its a fun trial to show how they found themselves and how their time in human world went : 3
MYO Bagbeans do this trial in order from Sprout form - Identity Trial - to Finished form.
xSeamair Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
One quick question, I drew a Mothlem (which is standing on the Active Griffians list) buuuut I have no idea in which Folder I should put my art? D:
Since they don't have their own folder. Is there any folder where we can submit our Art of Griffians who don't have their own folder?
griffsnuff Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
8D oh you can just put it in the art folder atm
crazzycat5 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Does it not give you the option to just submit to the general cocreatures folder? Griff is slowly adding new cocreatures so she porbably hasn't had time to make the other folder yet.
xSeamair Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nope, there's no general cocreatures folder in the list ^^" (or I'm just blind)
crazzycat5 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
No sorry your misunderstanding, just when you click the cocreatures folder can you just submit to the folder in general (not clicking a subfolders).
xSeamair Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't think that I missunderstood you, or maybe I did I'm not sure right now to be honest. (wasn't looking in the Folders directly. I clicked on "Contribute Art" and looked in the list you get then)
The only Cocreatures Folder I see seems more like to be for Official Art, official Ref sheets etc from the different Species
Or maybe you mean a different Folder? D:
(Sorry if I should make you trouble rn or something just because of a stupid question... ;;")
crazzycat5 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You aren't making trouble :D lel Thing by crazzycat5  So when you go to add the piece of art to a group, you should see Bagbean Co Creatures (which is the main folder, not one of the subfolders to this specific folder). As you see when you click the Gallery and then click the folder "Bagbean Co Creatures" here:… there are a bunch of sub folders. You noted that there isn't one for what you need but until its added you should be able to just submit art to general folder. If not it might require special permissions, but I don't think it would as there are regular members art in the front folder. If not I can just add the art piece for you?
Cogarii Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok, quick question- Once a Griffian is traded/sold does the new owner loose the peas that the last owner has gained before? (Apologies if this question has already been asked)
Shinobi-Kitty Featured By Owner May 27, 2017  Student General Artist
Question for this...
How does one get a mythical Bagbean? Does the MYO process work for that? Or is it only a gift/trade/prize by Griffsnuff? Since I can't find anything about it anywhere & the mythical bagbeans that have been made all state as either a gift, trade, or prize.
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