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Instead of using folders in the gallery for request/contest/commission journals by members, we are now introducing the Art center. It will run the same way as the trade center does! You can also find this journal linked on the page under navigation! This means that the journal folder will be removed from the gallery! , trackers, meme and relationship journals will still be there , but do NOT add commission/requests or contests/raffle journals to those folders!

Here is a list of active griffians if you want to do specific ones and not all!

IF YOU have any questions/comments about this journal, please ask them here - >…

Rules for ART CENTER

This journal is only if you are selling commissions, taking requests or having contests/raffles/giveaways that are Griffia related! If you are looking to trade/sell your characters, here is the journal for that…

The rules under  are there  to keep this journal and group from being a dumping ground for huge species/character clear outs. If the rules are not being followed your comment will be hidden.

Reason for no outside CS:…

:bulletblack: No begging or guilt tripping.
:bulletred: This journal is ONLY for Bagbeans/main griffians and Griffia co creatures.
:bulletred: if your journals contain anyting non griffia related, it will be removed/not added.
:bulletred: All contests/requests/commissions need to be in a journal to be added here!
:bulletred: Do not post unrelated characters/Species that do not belong in Griffia. This includes IN journals you link.
:bulletgreen: You can offer money/points or items from Griffia as prizes or in contests or art of griffians.
:bulletgreen: Make sure you make it very clear your only doing Griffians and co creatures from griffia!
:bulletblue: If your unsure what goes under GCC/griffian contact one of the mods.

:bulletpurple: Do not have conversations in the comments, lets keep it nice and tidy with active content only.
:bulletpurple: Reply to your original comment and tag voxame once it is closed or no longer valid so that it can be hidden.  and removed from the journal!

Active contests/requests/commissions will be featured so that people can easily scroll through and see if something is open/active. So be sure to reply to your initial comment saying its closed so we know when to unfeature it and remove it from the journal!

How do I participate in this journal?
Reply to the comment that correspond with what you are doing underneat in one of the three titled areas. Once your contest/commission/Requests are closed, you need to reply to your original comment and tag voxame in it so we can remove it from this journal!


Reply with your active contest/raffle/givaway to this comment - >…
Main Rules
:bulletpurple: By entering this competition you are acknowledging that you have read these rules and that you agree to them :)
:bulletpurple: By making an entry for this competition all art of my characters will become mine (unless other wise stated). You are entering under the agreement that you have a chance at winning said prizes, and that you might not win anything at all.
:bulletpurple: PG 13 friendly material - nothing sexual or gory (if you have questions please ask don't assume)
:bulletpurple: This competition will run until it is no longer August 31st 2017 anywhere in the world. This is a large competition with many facets so I feel this is enough time for people to participate in multiple areas. There will be NO extensions. You enter with this understanding.
:bulletpurple: Lastly please make sure to read the additional rules under
- :iconcrazzycat5:
Draw my BB contest-Shapeshifter Bean/Potion PrizesI just got my wild son yesterday and he's ready to cause some trouble all over Griffia!
So to celebrate I'm going to hold another "Draw my Character" contest! There will be a few different prizes and ways to enter!
boom Dynamite :BombingEscape:

THEME: Draw Boomy causing trouble in Griffia! How he does this is up to you!
Boomy is wild, chaotic, and a thrill seeker. He loves gold and has attempted to break into the Bank of Griffia more than a few times!
Bullet; Red You must draw my Dynamite Bagbean, Boomy, to enter!
Bullet; Red Art must be full body and in color!
Bullet; Red The dark mark on his face is ash and doesn't have to be included if you don't want to.
- :iconpickleweasel360:
July Griffian Core Raffle!!! (ends July 28th)So I really wanted to find a way to give back to the amazing Griffian Community, and one thing I know I can do is give core subscriptions to be people. So for the indeterminate future, I will be holding monthly raffles to give away core. 
Winner will receive a 3-month core subscription. This will close July 28th.
The rules!
Exclamation markExclamation markExclamation mark For July, I will only be accepting griffian members that do NOT have core. (This will not always be the case each month)
Exclamation mark You MUST be a member/watcher of BagbeansFluffleTales, or AnubianEmpire for a minumim of three months (since April)
Exclamation mark Respond to the "Entries here" comment and any other remarks go in "Comments here", This is to h
- :icontenshi-no-koneko:
ESB Company: Style!Mystery Voice: "Greeting, fellow Griffians!
It is I, the Leader of the ESB Company! 
Today, I have a very special announcement! 

This will include 100 Beans, 15 Casters, 
5 Guardians, 20 Pixis, 5 Peads, 15 Krytoxs,

15 Perfaunts, and 25 Fornlees to be randomly 
selected for a Style Themed gift! 

Certainly this is a fun project! 
But, alas, we do not have anyone to help out - Ah! Do not worry, even if you do sign up to help, you are still able to have chance at getting selected! 
Please read the information on this paper and sign up!"     
Suddenly, two pieces of paper has appeared in your hand. Both pieces of paper had a silhouette on them. 
The silhouettes were in the shapes of different grifians of the main species, but who are they?

ESB Company: Style Informati
- :iconfuyonabeanie:
Haikontestaaaa i saw someone make a similar contest so why not! :D
What is it about?
In this contest, you have to create a Haiku based of my bagbean!
It can be of whatever you want. His personality, his job, anything related to him! Just be sure that the haiku represents him and not just any other scientist bean for example :>

Whats a 'Haiku'?


Spell Syllables

A major form of Japanese verse, written in 17 syllables divided into 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables, and employing highly evocative allusions and comparisons, often on the subject of nature or one of the seasons.
"Spring breeze Summer heat (5)
Now, winter chills on my feet (7)
Let alone cold sheets" (5)

> You can join a max. of 5 times
- :iconsproutiie:
Selfie Snyches-Contest
This is an Unofficial contest meaning It wasn't hosted by any of the mods of Bagbeans
Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1I'm a Snych, so I'll surly enter this Selfie contest!Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 
SelfiesSnyches taking selfies

How to enter
Leaf Bullet (Right)You must own a snych
Leaf Bullet (Right) Draw a drawing according to the theme
Leaf Bullet (Right)Can be Traditional and digital, No Comics
Leaf Bullet (Right)3 Entries maximum 
Leaf Bullet (Right)You'll only win with 1 of your entries   
Leaf Bullet (Right)This contest is a Bagbean themed contest, so don't add non G
- :iconsalsamanderdraws:

Art Commissions

Reply with your active commission to this comment - >…
Griffia commission pricesFor future references.
Normal styles:
Lineart (no colour): $10

Lineart (greyscale colour): $20

Flat-colour: $25

Flat-colour with shading and special effects: $30

Half body: $25
[Gift] Lily of the Valley by Du-sk
Full body: $40
[Gift] like standing on the surface of the Sun by Du-sk[DTA EVENT] Blueberry Cake by Du-sk
- :icondu-sk:
Open for Bagbean commissions:iconblackdivider1plz::iconblackdivider2plz::iconblackdivider3plz::iconblackdivider4plz::iconblackdivider5plz::iconblackdivider6plz::iconblackdivider7plz::iconblackdivider8plz::iconblackdivider9plz:
Opening 5 slots for Bagbean and other Griffians commissions <3
1 - [ o p e n ]
2 - [ o p e n ]
3 - [ o p e n ]
4 - [ o p e n ]
5 - [ o p e n ]
Prices and style examples here: [2017]Comm sheet for DA
Examles of bagbeans and other griffians I have so far:

Pay what you want sketch style examples:
PWYW pricesheet
Prices start from 300:points: for sketches and $6 / 600:points: for colored arts
You can also make payments in any type of beans, just make an offe
- :iconkolewazaki-san:
Flash bagbean comms! [pea farming/cheap]My usual fullboy price is 7$
These are 5$ per fullbody
3 fullbodies for 12$
5 for 20$
10 for 40$
for 1 slot, you can have as many fullbodies as you want between 1 and 10
(will be the size of the first 3, 4cm height, but the scaned version will be 3 time bigger)

I want to move to art school starting with the next schoolar year, and for this I need supplies and tuition. There are other things I need to pay, here's a list of things I need money for:
- art tuition
-art supplies
-repairing my phone
I need ~400$ and I don't have any other way to get them
As on how these commissions will work:
These commissions will be open starting today , tothe end of summer. I will only take traditional art and one commission per day. That will a little over 60 commissions then!
Commissions prices:
Headshot sketch:
+100Points aditional character 
Halfbody sketch:
& Griffia icon commissions [open]My life has been shit for some years now and the wold just falls apart
I need money for a new phone, I need a shit ton of money for art school, I need more money to help my mom because we have to move again and I am going to have to give my cat away, after this year my hedgehog died and I can't sell anything absolutely ANYTHING 
I don't know what to do but shit, I'll just open another commissions journal that will get ignored
ICON COMMISSIONS 1$/ 100 points
(points prefered since for paypal I'd only get like 40 cents thanks to fees)
I will do bagbeans, fornlees, perafaunts and casters
- :iconiisande:
Griffian Icon Commissions - Waitlist Open -NOW ACCEPTING GCC, ALLIES, PERFAUNTS, KRYPTOX & FORNLEE
1. iiAwshumness
2. Eusuchia
3. Rain-ette
4. Diamione
5. lzbloop
6. floramisa
7. xSeamair
8. The-Kayfox
9. spriingpetal
10. KurosuAi
11. equinnoxious
12. Sableu [x2]
Waiting For Custom BB
1. ArcticHalo(ametrine)

static(non-animated) - $10 / 1000 points

animated - $15 / 1500 points 


(+$3 / 300pt  for backgrounds not listed below)
(+$2 / 200pt  for  large wings , multiple limbs or difficult designs)
Premade Backgrounds Are Available!!

1. spring forest  2. autumn forest  3. river side  4. savanna
5. dark
- :iconquartz-witch:
Bagbean/Main Griffias ART Commissions! [OPEN]Hey guys! Money has been getting really tight and I'm trying to save up funds to move out of this apartment by the end of July. ;v;
These commissions include Bagbeans, Fornlees, Kryptox and Perfaunts >8D (co creatures/companions will be available at a later time)
Paypal only since I'm saving up funds to move so points, MB or PMB will not be accepted as payment. Thank you for understanding!
Mini - $5.50

Doll - $10

Detail - $20 ($25 if your character is really complex with a lot of detail)

adding a background to Detail style | $10-$20 (Simple -> Complex)
- :iconbloodorangepancakes:
BAGBEAN COMMISSIONSFor cash payment I only accept paypal !
BAGBEAN - $30 / 3000:points:
  I will draw a fullbody of your bagbean !

Example: My own bagbean, Moth !
BAGBEAN PERSONIFICATION - $40 / 4000:points:
  I'll design a fullbody human version of your BB!

Example: My own BB in his human form.

Paypal or Points:
Link to referance of your bagbean (preferebly official art so i can verify its an official bagbean):
Specifications (poses, expressions, must-have's):
Paypal or Points:
- :iconmorranon:
Griffia Commissions [Paypal, MB, PMB]

  Last Updated: 06/17/2017
 My turn around time is generally
- :iconbalkeir:
For regular commissions, go to my main: Japanblossom
100Points = 1 MB = 1 PMB
Commissions are currently OPEN
Please ask if you would like to be notified when my commissions are opened and I will put you on the waitlist*!
*Wait- and to-do list can be found on my profile page under the art statuses.

Read my T.O.S. before commissioning/buying from me.

I have the right to decline any commission. Please respect my decision; there are some characters I'm just not comfortable with drawing, whether it be due to anatomy or personal preference.
Don't expect too much of me, I'm not a miracle worker.
I refuse to draw anything remotely NSFW such as nudity, gore, etc or anything offensive (sorry, that's just what I believe and am comfortable with)
- :iconblossbean:
(OPEN) Bagbean Point/MoneyBean CommissionsFor Bagbeans !
I finally decided to open BB commissions! These are points or money beans only, no paypal, and I am not doing any other Griffians besides bagbeans. SorrySweating a little... 
Headshot Example(s):

Fullbody Example(s):
Pixel Icon Example(s):
MB=Money Beans
Sketch/lineart=2 MB or 200 points
Flat Color= 5 MB or 500 points 
Shaded= 10 MB or 1000 points
Sketch/lineart=5 MB or 500 points
Flat Color= 10 MB or 1000 points
Shaded= 15 MB or 1500 points
50x50 Pixel Icon:
Lineart=5 MB or 500 points
Flat Color= 10 MB or 1000 points
Shaded= 15 MB or 1500 points
Background/extra objects= +2 MB or +200 points
10/10 are open

Do not claim if
- :iconsophiesuncatcher:
BB Commissions - openhello there! I'm going to try and save up for an eventual BB, so I thought I'd open up some customs <3
these will be done in this style:

Each one is $10 to be sent via paypal (will note with info)
at this time, I'm only going to 'accept' 3 at a time, and once I finish those, I'll accept more :3
please fill out this form:
BB ref: 
extra info: 
expression: (what do you want their emotion to be, etc)
- :iconjbeany:
Commissions for Moneybeans!For Griffia and related! Now you can have your griffians, caprians and Fluffians drawn by me! I will take money beans so be sure to buy if you have them!
Your griffians will be drawn here!
Bust Commissions
1 for sketch bust
3 for Lineart bust
5 for colored bust
Each additional character is 1

Half Body Commissions
5 for sketch half body
8 for Lineart half body
12 for Colored Half Body
Each additional Character is 3

Fullbody Commissions
10 for sketch 
12 for lineart fullbody
20 for colored fullbody
Each additional Character is 5

Chibi Commissions
All are colored!
5 for each character
Pea Farming
1 for every 10 sketches
5 for simple background and effects
20-50 for complex background (depending on how complex)
If you are interested, comment and I will get to work! 
except when im unavailable to a scanner.
- :iconarteest76:
chibi commissions - Griffa/Anu/Fluffia- I accept payment through both points and paypal! (Though paypal is highly recommended! )
When paying with points, please pay through a widget I set up for you unless otherwise stated
Paypal payments will be sent via invoice
- I will begin the commission only once payment has been received
- I do not accept refunds once the piece has been started
- I may decline your commission request for any reason (not likely to happen but just in case)
- I will have all commissions complete within a week or two
- I may use any commissioned art for advertising my commissions!
-Payment is required in a 24 hour time period. If you need extended time note me
Crayon chibi: $5-$10
Regular chibi: $10-$15
(5 characters per slot with the crayon chibis)
 3. :iconequinnoxious:  (x2)
 5. :
Peafarming commissions OPENPrices:
1 Peas = 1MB / $1
The sketches would be like my crayon chibis except not refined ^w^
& Griffia/anu/fluffia full body comms openI take points, mb, and paypal! (Though paypal is highly recommended! )
When paying with points, please pay through a widget I set up for you unless otherwise stated
- I will begin the commission only once payment has been received
- I do not accept refunds once the piece has been started
- I may decline your commission request for any reason (not likely to happen but just in case)
- I will have all commissions complete within a week or two (unless I'm busy)
- I may use any commissioned art for advertising my commissions!
-Payment is required in a 24 hour time period. If you need extended time note me
Fullbodies: $10-$15
Colored sketch: $8
(5 characters per slot with the fullbodies)
Finished slots:
- :iconpastel-bunn:
Griffia Pea FarmingNo longer an emergency! but normal commissions + pea farming can be seen here now!:

So as some of you may know my computer is totally fried... and i want to buy a new one... Sadly to take normal emergency commissions i kinda need a laptop... so all i have are my pens, copics, and scanner. Soooo why not? You'd really be helping me out! 
10 sketches = $5 
20 sketches = $10
30 sketches = $15
so on and so on... 
examples of my farming (they won't be colored in the commissions): 
I can also do full colored traditional drawings which i can mail out:
examples of my serious traditional art (kinda old for first drawings): 

(these are very off in color)

These traditional drawings are very limited and i may reject if a character
- :iconbunbean:
Hello! I have decided to open some Bagbean commissions!
little star  Fullbody/Chibi: 
Dessert Set: Heart Cookie - Right These will be 2 Money beans or $2!!
little star Fullbody Page:
(comes with 4-5 drawings like these)

Dessert Set: Heart Cookie - Right These will be 8 Money beans or $8!! 
If you would like one please comment with this form filled out!
cherry blossom For any extra characters please fill out a separate!cherry blossom 
Name of BB:
Ref for BB:
Type of Commish:
Money Beans or Paypal:
- :iconklttybeans:
BagBean Commissions for MBs (OPEN)I'm looking to do some commissions :D currently, I'll only be doing commissions for money beans but maybe in the future I'll do them for points :aww: I also do other main griffians :3
A sketch with dark outline, 1 MB each +1 for colored (it'll be much neater)
Reference Sheet, 2 MB each
Lyric Sheet, 5 MB per each song +1 for colored (images provided would be 25 MBs)
Pea Farming! Every 10 will be 2 MBs
& Pea Farming CommissionsI'd like to say I'm opening Pea Farming commissions :la: I realized how much fun it was to do some this morning and I'd like to do more :aww:
How this'll work -
Every 10 peas will be 5 MBs
So far, I've completed 100 in 6 hours and 250 over the span of three days :aww: I could probably complete more if I had more free time :D
- :iconwolflover595:
Bagbean CommissionsI'm saving up to get a hybrid common bagbean(monkey:monkeymote:) with a celestial tail.  Here are my prices and I hope you find them fair. :monkey:  

Fully colored drawing:

 5 money beans. 
+2 for every extra bagbean in the picture. 
***Please specify if you want shading.  Also specify if you want a specific kind of shading.
Colored with a background:
 8 money beans. 
+2 for every extra bagbean in the picture. 
Colored comics:
  Bagbean Conest- Vampire Scare by MiniDragonfly
- :iconminidragonfly:
Pea Farming Commissions?Ahh I need to reach my goal so I hope this works !
these will be fullbodies ofc and bagbeans only please! im not use to drawing the co creatures yet ;v;
20-30 for 10
35-50 for 20
55-70 for 30
75-90 for 40
120 for 60
if you want more it will be higher ofc just ask
I am only taking paypal!! if i reach my goal i will open them for mbs too!
Current money/ My goal: 67.84/140
- :iconscreamingsloths:
Unofficial custom Peads commission 
This is a Pead
And we all know you love them. So I asked to Griff if I could make unofficial Peads based on main allies, and she agreed ( <--proof) note, this would be only artworks, not anything more. they won't be canon and you can't use them as a design in any way, the only way to make it official is to use a shapeshift potion, which you have to get. The aim of this artworks is just to be decorative.
So this, as the title says, will be unofficial, but based on your bagbeans/main allies. They will be coloured and shaded and since they will not be done on a base, but will be each different, ther will cost $3/300 :points: each. If you want more Peads in a picture, can do (especially ship art, lol), for a max o three charcaters, and each character will cost $3.
This will be done tomorrow and at the beginning of July, as the beans. Comment to claim, again, add the name of the bag
- :iconanivielle:
BB,Tox,Pixi,Pead, Faunt Pixel Commissions-OPENI'm looking to open up commissions for BB and Tox pixels (I haven't gotten to try out the other 2 main Griffians or co-creatures yet so order for them at your own risk) They will come in either simple animation or static.
They will be no taller that 100 pixels in height 
They will look something like this

Immy by Nikko-Usagi
I can do Peads too if you'd like one done with accessories for 1/2 price 
Timmy the Pead by Nikko-UsagiTammy the Pead Pixel by Nikko-Usagi F2U Pead Pixel by Nikko-Usagi
I'm looking for $8-$10 depending on the difficulty of your character
I will also accept points/all forms of Griffia currency/or beans, potions, flowers, and fruits
Please fill out this form below
Name of Character:
Ref/s (must b
- :iconnikko-usagi:
floop army! YFHyou wanna join the floop army? of course you do!! ALL FLOOP BREEDS ACCEPTED!!!
for the low cost of $2USD (YES i will accept moneybeans! even PMB!! yes sand dollars and even petal coins/petal money!!! all of it!) your floop can join too!! 
this yfh has unlimited slots <3
ill even edit the base for mutations! (sorry but no accessories ;;; 
#216 floop by equinnoxious#175 floop by equinnoxious#249 floop by equinnoxious
#42 floopdragon by equinnoxious
floop army! by spriingpetal
spriingpetal has her own army too! why not join both??
- :iconequinnoxious:
Bagbean Commissions open!My separate commissions journal for Bagbeans and all Main Griffians!
Everything this round will go towards my bills, we're gonna be way to close this month and my work hours are super low ; o ;
Teenie's-$3 or Buy 4 get one free! Total of $12 c:

Detailed Chibi's- $8 or 2 for $15

Fullbody Sketch-$12-$18
(Outfits included if preferred)

Clean Fullbody-$20(Lines will be thinner)

NEW!! Unofficial Rebase!!! Below is a First attempt, new ones will be much neater c:
$15 +$5 for Compex Beans

NEW!!ReferenceSheet- $40-50 (Includes Fullbody,
- :iconpiichu-pi:
Griffa creature art commissions PWYWHello people of the bagbean community x3 i am looking to offer some images of your griffa creatures in exchange for what you have to offer;
What this means is; you tell me what sprtof image you would like of your character and what you can offer in exchange for it ^^
Examples of my art are;
Base Prices For those that don't like offering XD
Fullbody Lineart: $3
+ Flat Colour: + $3
+ Shading: + $2
+ Background: + $5
Paper Craft: $10 - $20
(Depends on Complexity; can be posted out as well at request will incur $2 P&P charge extra)
BUT! as I said =D It's pay what you want; 
So ask away! 
OR You can donate here any amount you want and I'll draw you something if you then link your charac
- :iconexperimentor-iblis:
bagbean - commissions [open]This commissions are available for bagbeans !
I'll draw Fornlee, Perfaunt and Kryptox characters, too
status: open!
15UDS, moneybeans or peanut moneybeans
+5 for very detailed clothing

How to order?
comment with this form, please!
» bagbean:  reference or tracker
» personality:  3-5 words to describe them
» pose:  what should they do?
» other:  other details, outfits, ...
- :iconlumephobia:
Bagbean Head CommissionsIt's here.
The long awaited bagbean head commissions.
Alright, so I am opening up some bagbean head commissions! you can use them in comments, on your profile, anywhere!
They will $5 dollars each!
Examples: (Mine is the one at the end) <--
*These commissions are inspired by griffsnuff's art, shown above.
10 Slots Open! Comment to claim.
- :iconwishfuldewdrop:
Bagbean Rebase Style Commissions!The person who bought the last one deactivated before paying so i'm opening these up again!
Just a reminder that these are not official rebases; just made to look like griffsnuff style
Usually I do them for about $30 but this will be a pay-what-you-want/offer anything kind of commission instead
I'd mostly prefer USD or Griffia characters/item offers however I will consider points, art, moneybeans, etc as well
Comment here with offers
Examples here:

If you want to offer a character or something more valuable you could get more than one rebase as well
I will probably accept a maximum of three offers for now unless there are some really good offers; these will probably be done in a week or so after I accept
Note: I am much more likely to accept money so I could buy myself characters in the future
- :iconthemoosewhisperer:
Griffian Commission prices ! (open)Edit : i need to save up a lot of money rn , thank you for considering commissioning me <3 
Make sure to Read this before asking for a Commission : 
My T.O.S.
feel free to ask any question ! 
just forget the whole custom part <3 
unless you want me to design you a synch/ dust bunnies or a cropea ah ah 
i can draw any griffians ! 
I will charge more if the design is complicated !!!
PLZ fill this form to commission : 
Type of commission : 
griffian name : 
Character ref :
Masterlist post : (for proof) 
payment method : 
any other info / personnality detail : 

1€ = 1.07$
= 107 p = 1 MB i need money rn, i can't accept these, sorry !
not accepting PMB, thank you ! 
+ half of the original price for each additiona chara

Arrow left
- :iconfaky-bean:
Need Help- Griffia/Co-creature Commissions OpenHey everyone...
So...things on my end have gotten progressively worse as time has gone on. We lost the car yesterday and without going into too much detail, we are in a very tight bind when it comes to money. I'm working on a lot right now but we just flat out need help. So to try to lighten the burden on my father, I'm going to try to bring in as much money as possible to help. This is to at least help us afford a car, he's currently walking to work. To do that, I'll need to be taking commissions. I have a regular commission journal but this journal is for the Bagbean Community. I haven't been an active member for too long, but I hope that I can get some help from you guys...
If you can't buy, please consider advertising for me ;-;. I really need the help, thank you!
Because I need actual money, I will only be accepting paypal. 
I'm offering the following;

Sticker Style Chibi's - $7 (flat or if specified, shaded)

- :iconkatsakitty:
Taking sketch comms for humanized bagbeans ($10)Dunno if anyone would be interested, but my to do list was getting low so I decided to try >:3 These'll be finished after I do my previous comms.
$10 per character! It'll be a sketchy colored fullbody like these:
I will ONLY be doing these for Griffia species! Normal human commissions will come at another time. 
You don't have to have a human form reference already drawn out for them, you can just give me a description and I'll work from there XD
Link to bagbean/main Griffian:
Link to human ref (optional):
Skin color/race/body type (ignore this part if you already have a ref of them):

- :iconpillowrabbit:
Bagbean commissions OPEN

Finally opening commissions again ; v ; Just Note me or comment below if you're interested!
I accept Paypal points:points: and also MB (moneybeans)
Read about MB here: 
Animated Pixel
Points2000 / $20

Points2500 / $25

YCH bouncy icon
Points1000 / $10
.:Commission:. Mawaki by Ne-chi.:commission:. Bandit by Ne-chi
- :iconne-chi:
Griffia: Painting CommissionsI'm having a lot of fun doing these so I figured I'd set up a separate journal for this. :3 
(more coming soon, I promise)

Ordered pieces will be of similar size, with little to no background detail (single color, gradient, etc). 
I am willing to do art of:
Main four (Kryptox, Bagbean, Fornlee, Perfaunt)
Semi-main allies (Angelic Gem Hoppers, Casters, Bavom)
Companions (at a potentially discounted price--ask)
The price for each of these will be $35 to start (we'll see how long they take me in the long run and go from there)
(more slots may be added beyond this for the right bribe)
- :iconthe-kayfox:
Griffian Commissions (Open Mon-Sat) {Summer Sale}Hello! My commissions are now open for ALL Griffian characters.
Although I have only drawn Bagbeans, I want to learn how to draw others.
Everything here is 1/2 off until the end of August!
PMBs, MBs, Points, Paypal, or *Google Wallet accepted (USD)
Headshot: $10
Half Body: $15
Full Body: $25
  Flat BG: +$1
   Colored Lines: +$1
   Shading: +$5
  Detailed BG: +$10

Tracker/Character: (Link only please)
Head-shot:tick x 
Half Body:tick x 
Full Body:tick x 
  Flat BG:
& Pea Farming CommissionsThese are gonna be really cheap :D
$1>Griffia items/currency>100pts

Per Drawing Prices:
Sketch/lineart: $0.50
    Color: +$0.25
    Shading: +$0.25

So, that means each drawing that's shaded and colored, would be $1/100pts.
If you don't have points, or money, don't fret.
I will also be accepting trades. So, you can offer me beans, potions etc.

Comment this form to order(links only please)
Main Griffian Tracker:
Current Reference:
Number of Drawings:
Lined? tick x 
Colored? tick x 

Shaded? tick 
- :iconpinkieus-pieukus:
Bagbean Commisions REVAMPED {CLOSED}So I'm currently busy right now with the DTA and my other comms, but I figure I may as well take slots for these to keep busy after I finish my current queue!
-Please do note I will finish the DTA and my current comms before starting on yours unless it's a pixel/doodle
-Paintings take the longest, hens why they're actually comparatively cheap. Be aware of that before ordering.

To clarify- I accept ALL griffia creatures for these prices! Some creatures {Like floops} are actually cheaper, so feel free to ask!
I have non griffia examples in my gallery, you're free to look and use them as examples!

Please read my ToS 
Terms of Service {UPDATED 6/23/2017}


Done on hourly basis
Typically ||
Fullbody Render No BG | $40
Fullbody Render Simple BG | $70
Full Scene | $80-$140 Depending
- :iconredivivo:
Griffa CommissionsPlease comment below when ordering
All notes regarding commissions will be ignored. I loose notes very easily and am not comfortable using them for taking commission orders.
For characters in Bagbeans FluffleTales or AnubianEmpire ONLY
This includes all mains as well as co-creatures.
for other examples of my art or non-bagbean commissions please see my main commission hub in my journals
Commissions are always open unless otherwise stated.
Prices are written in points.
Conversion value: 100 points= $1/1MB/PMB
Super Mario Bros.3 Coin Super Mario Bros.3 Coin Super Mario Bros.3 CoinI accept all of the following as paymentSuper Mario Bros.3 Coin Super Mario Bros.3 Coin Super Mario Bros.3 Coin 
Rainbow Points Points 
- :iconbloodredkit:
Bagbean Commissions OPENI love bagbeans //dies
SO I have commissions open for them! Please read carefully everything!
- Payment can be after sketch but before finished product!
- Extra Characters will cost double;
- I can draw Kryptox, Fornlees or Perfaunts as well! 
:bulletyellow:Sketch Bagbean/Griffia Commissions: $6-10$

:bulletgreen: Full Color Bagbean/Griffia Commissions: $12-30$ (No shading is 12$+ and Shading is 20$+)

:bulletblue: Full Color Reference Sheets: $25+
 (Includes Full body + Color Palette + Bag + Marking indications/Accessories) Can include a back as well for a little extra!
Other Commissions can be done as well! (I just need examples to be made! So
- :iconrain-ette:
Bagbean Commissons (3 slots open)Currently offering Babgbean (Griffa) only commishes!
They can be one of the following types below...

(Can do thick lines or fuzzy lines, this goes for all art just let me know!)
- Colored (Comes with highlights/shading) = 1 USD or 100 :points
Fullbodies (Chibi) 
- Colored (Comes with highlights/shading and a simple bg) = (Begins at 3 USD or 250 :points:)
(Two types = Simple/Sketchy Chibs and Full-on Chibi)
Couple/friend/etc add ons -
Starts at 2 USD or 150 :points:
Backgrounds -
Only for upgrading to sticker/detailed bgs. Simple colors/bgs come free.
^2 USD or 150 ;points:
Time frame/scheduling art ...
I work Monday - Friday normally for 8 hours. Weekends vary.
Please give up to a week for art other then headshots to be completed. Discounts occur for long standing art owed or repeat customers!
Please use the form below as a guide so i know what you want :)
BB/Etc name:
Official reference:
- :iconkydashing:
Bagbean Commissions (OPEN)Please Keep In Mind These Commissions And Prices Pertain To Bagbeans And Griffian Species ONLY!
My birthday is literally 3 days away and I'm REALLY wanting to get myself at least a Kryptox, Perfaunt, or Fornlee
My hopes for it isn't all that high but at least I'll be a little closer to getting one if I can at least get a few customers.
I accept Paypal, :points:, and Money Beans(MB)
$1 = 100:points: = 1MB
For Extra Characters there will always be a $2-$5 charge depending on character complexity
Some Sections are missing examples simply because there isn't a bagbean example yet in my gallery but there are plenty of examples that involve other things like ponies.
Basic Sketches:


Colored Sketches:

- :iconravensonglullaby:
Hello there!
I'm currently offering Bagbean fullbody art like this:

Singles would be $4/400 points, Couple/Buddy Art like the one above is $6/600 points!
Just tell me which beans and what you want them to be doing if anything and i'll give it my best shot! 

I'll add on a background for an additional $2 or 200 points altogether!
I'll add on additional BEANS for $2 each
I'll add on additional griffia critters for $1 each!

If you are interested in a group pic of your bagbeans/griffia characters PM me
You could possibly get a discount!

- :icon392228:
[ OPEN ] Griffin ArtComsHeylo Lovelies!
Just some fancy commissions for Griffians <3
Here's my working ToS that you agree to upon purchase. It details your rights as a consumer, my work pace, etc. If you have any questions let me know.
Terms of Service ( Last Updated 02/07/2017 | Added to Journal 03/24/17 )
Application in ToS not applicable to a purchase here.
( price may increase $2-5  if the design is complex or if there's multiple accessories )
50x50 Icons:  $6.00 or 600 :points:
100 x 100 Icons:  $10.00 or 1000 :points:
Thumbnail Pixels ( up to 200x200 pixels ):  $25.00 or 2000 :points:
Big Pixel Art: (150x300) $100.00

- :iconaurenbunni:
(1 slot left) Bagbean Bag commissions/tradesHello everybody! I'm going to be trying to do commissions/trades for life size versions of bagbean bags! Please before commenting, read through everything below!
What to Expect
A custom bagbean bag will come with:
:bulletgreen: Your bagbean's bag (of course)
:bulletgreen: Lifetime warranty: if your bag is damaged, I will repair it for free! 
:bulletgreen: Your choice in additions, such as interior pockets, closings, and inner lining pattern of your choice!
Base Pricing
:bulletred: Side bag:
:bulletred: Backpack
Please contact me about possible trades. Please note though, I will only look at something of equal or greater value. This goes for art, physical items, or characters. 

:bulletblue: What will the bags look like?
That bags will come out something like this: 
& Bagbean commissions CLOSEDReopening these for March! 
Since I'm not doing anything for spring break (that I know of...) may or may not reopen them in the middle of the month as well.
Full Illustration - starts at $100

Solos - Starts at $50

Chibis - Starts at $30

Comment if you're interested owo
- :iconjalajalapeno:
Griffia's Commission (Open)
To order
Just comment bellow or send a note.
Bullet; White Type of commission: (Ex: 3 chebs)
            Bullet; White Shading and Type of background if wanted (5$ will be platform or simple background with deep. 10$ will be detailed background with deep)
Bullet; White Reff: Link to design
Bullet; White Extra: Anything you want? Special request?

To do list
Dot Bullet (Purple) - F2U! Paid Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U! Started
-None for now-
Open for 5 commissions

Waiting list
Ask me if you want to be tagged when they open again!
-None for now-

-This commissions
- :iconbloodyngore:
[OPEN] Pea Farming Commissions!I need to stack up on peanuts and other griffian currencies as I'm aiming to get some GCC's in the future. So I thought it'd be a cool idea to do some pea farming. 
I'll only be taking commissions of Bagbeans, Fornlees, Perfaunts or Kryptoxes! These will all be traditionally drawn and sketchy, so there won't be any accessories drawn on and it will be slightly messier than this:

5 sketches = $2
10 sketches = $3
20 sketches = $6
I can take USD (PayPal), MB or PMB as payment methods and you can combine them up. 
Conversion: $1 = 1MB = 1PMB
You pay first, and then I start on the commission.
I'm fine with refunds, but once I'm 50% the way through the whole commission, you'll only get 75% back. Please keep this in mind.
When commissioning me, please specify the payment method (and proof of the MB or PMB ownership if y
- :icons-arpg-lin:
Commissions [Open]INFO
I only am taking paypal as a payment currentlyI will only start your commission after paymentFor larger commissions I will send a WIP for approvalSmall things can be fixed after the commission is finished, just let me know and I'll work it outGenerally for smaller commissions the wait time will be within a week or two; larger ones will be within the month. If anything comes up and changes this dramatically I will keep you in the loop Please keep in mind I work 40+hours a week so progress is generally made on the weekendsPlease fill out the following:
-Commission type:
-Griffian Reference(s):
-Personality: (nothing long, just a short blurb or some key points)
-Notes: (any extra info you'd like to give, like a pose, or items on a ref sheet)

Chibi Commissions - $10 per bean (+5 for shading) 


Fullbody Commissions - $15 per bean (+5 for shading) 
- :icon3beansalad:
Taking Griffian Human Comms ($15!)Decided to take a couple commissions for humanized Griffians!  I can design them or draw from a reference.  They'll be flat colored, full body and look something like this:

They'll be $15 each, currently taking 3 slots!
& Taking Griffia Commissions!  Just taking some experimental commissions !
Sketch, $8

Flat Colored, $15

Shaded, $20

Humanized, $15

dA Username:
Type: sketch, flat, full, humanized
- :iconprncsstox:
Griffian Commissions:Peafarming, FullybodyThis includes all Caprian/Fluffia/Griffian creatures!!

Newest Goals!
Level 1:: 15$
Stardew Valley
Level 2:: 35$
Drawing Tablet
Level 3:: 125$
New laptop

Total:: 175$
1pea= 1$, 100p, 1PMB, 1MB
Once you've ordered 20$ worth,, you will get double! ex: pay 21$ for 22 peas!!

I can post the pages as they're finished
doing any Griffia creature that can collect peas

- :iconsternenklare-nacht:
Pea Farming Commission - closedI need MB + PMB, so why not? 
4 Peas = 1 MB
Slots: 1 more
120 Peas - @/Ayinai - Done 
300 Peas - @/SourMints - Not Done - 18/300
- :iconspriingpetal:
[Bagbeans] Icon CommissionsHey guys! So, since Summer break is in 2 days, I thought it'd be ok to open up commissions! More specifically, icons!!
I'll be taking these for Moneybeans/Points ONLY, but still preferably Moneybeans, as I want to save up for a custom!
Keep in mind; 1 MB/1$ = 100 Points
Still - 5 Moneybeans/500 Points
Blinking - 7 Moneybeans/700 Points
Bouncy/Flying - 10 Moneybeans/1'000 Points
Blinking + Bouncy - 15 moneybeans/1'500 Points
What I'll do:
Bullet; BlackBagbean
Bullet; BlackFornlee 
Bullet; BlackKryptox
Bullet; BlackPerfaunt
Bullet; BlackAnubias Pixi   
What I might do:
Bullet; BlackFloophorses
Bullet; BlackAnubias Casters
- :iconbootlegpineapple:
*NEW* Bagbean commissions~ [OPEN]Alrighty so I decided to re-do my bagbean commission journal seeing as my art has improved since the last one~ I'm really hoping I get commissioned because the money will be going to me being able to afford my own bagbean whether it's from a re sale or if I'm lucky enough to snag one in a flat sale~ 
Icons- $6

Chibi actions- $12

Fullbody (can be flat or shaded) - $15 + $6 per additional character

I'll accept both paypal and moneybeans~
- :iconnemesisairart:
Bagbean Commissions Open!!Opening 3 slots for now. Paypal is preferred but will also accept bean trades!! This only applies to bagbeans and griffia related critters.
Fullbody Art (SIMPLE BG) - $20 or 1600 points
Traditional lines and digital colors and shading. Either no bg or a simple gradient. 

Fullbody Art (BACKGROUND)- $25 and up or 2000+ points
Base is $25, price goes up depending on bg complexity.
For example, first three fall within $25. Last image falls within $40 due to fine details.

Plus $5 for every bagbean added in a single picture. 
- :iconsageofmagic:
[OPEN] Bagbean Commissions!*Now accepting USD, Money Beans/ Peanut Money Beans and Points!
You can use all to get what you want.  
~Full body, shade/ no shade - $15
~Full body, Painted shade - $25

~Pixel icon, Simple Animated or Static - $5
~Clean Colored Sketch, Fullbody/bust/etc - $5-10

1) Open
2) Open
3) Open
- :iconfuyonabeanie:
Bagbean commissionsI can draw other allies and companions too. The price migh vary depending on complexity, feel free to ask.

Bullet; Red  Tradicional Stickers (open)

Bullet; Red  These stikers are hand-made on sticker paper and colored with copics. They are not very big
Bullet; Red  I might not add too many details or accesories, and I'd rather avoid adding the bag, but that is up to you. Feel free to ask me before if you do not want some elements to be removed or if it is ok to simplifice it
Bullet; Red  Every sticker (fullbody) costs 4€ (+1€ if the design is complex)
Bullet; Red  Shipping: 2€
Bullet; Orange  Digital chibi pagedoll (open)
- :iconsuuchann:
Bagbean Commissions - OPENSeperate journal for Bagbean commissions because I totally enjoy drawing them <3
available commission types:
unshaded Page doll
price: 600-700:points: (depending on complexity)

unshaded Pixel Page doll
price: 500-700 :points:  (Depending on complexity)

 (No unshaded Bagbean example yet, because people just commissioned me for shaded pixel dolls and I don't want to post their unshaded versions without their permission)
shaded Pixel doll
price: 650-800:points: 
- :iconfucal:
(open) Vector Bagbean CommissionI am really enjoying this new bean style I'm doing and want to open up commissions for them.
They will be $10 USD thru paypal/10 mbs on the front facing base
You can choose simple animation, no animation, big, small and/or icon
And it is $2 USD paypal/2mbs for a simple background added
I will take up to three at this moment.
$20/20 mbs for a custom (example in progress)
Fill this form out:
Animation: (yes/no)
Size: (big/small/icon)
Background: (no bg or one color bg no charge/simple bg $2)


1 - 
2 - 
3 - 
- :icontenshi-no-koneko:
Bagbean commissions - OPENi'm gonna open commissions for a fullbody like this. 10$ each, comment if you want a slot ;O
- :iconnatapew:
Bagbean Commissions (OPEN)Here is my bagbean only commission hub! (I do accept Griffian Allies!)


Static: $5 - 500:points: - 5mb
Animated: $8 - 800:points: - 8mb

 $8 - 800:points: - 8mb
Binary Drawings:

Unshaded: $12 - 1200:points: - 12mb
Shaded: $15 - 1500:points: - 15mb
(Option of 3 types of brushes: Brush, Marker, and Dirt)

Unshaded: $10 - 1000:points: - 10mb
Shaded: $12 - 1200:points: - 12mb
(Option of 3 types of brushes: Brush, Marker, and Dirt)
Round and Round by bunbeandearly beloved by bunbean
$17 - 1700:points: - 17mb
(Option of 3 types of brushes: Brush, Marker, and Dirt)
Bagbean - Nascha 6/6 by bunbean
- :iconbunbean:
Griffia 3D Model CommissionsTaking commissions on any Griffia creatures (Main or Co). The price will vary depending on what is wanted & how complex your character is. More mutations/color variations the harder it is to get exact = more time spent making it correct. Ref sheets are welcome but not required.
Comment below or note me for a quote. 
BB that was used for the examples-

#1) Simple Model (not posed) $15+
  These take little to no time at all to produce (short wait time)
#2) Posed Model (any pose you like) $25+
  These will take a day or two longer to get done as they required extra work for "bones & skin" 
ex.  (they chose it to be like the original drawing)
#3)Turn-Table Animation $40+
  I will change the turn-table base(wood) to fit any simple
- :iconshinobi-kitty:
Bagbean Commissions!Hello everyone! I have decided that I will start getting more into Griffian species, so I am opening up these mcommissions. I will be charging moneybeans, and at a fair price! 
One big sketch page:
-This will cost between 5-10(Or 500-1000Points, OR PMB)   and you can pick 6-12 sketches! You may choose the poses, or the "surprise me!" option. 
One fullbody drawing, full colouring, shading optional: 
-This will cost only 3(or 300Points OR PMB) , a fair price if you ask me! For an extra (or 100Points OR PMB)  you can have the option to get a full background. 
Waist up drawing, full colour, shading and background optional:
-This will cost a WHOPPING 1-2 (100-200
- :iconsp01ce:
Commissions - Griffia Specific - OPEN!:iconAnubianEmpire: :iconBagbeans: :iconfluffletales:
- Payments will be USD only, via paypal invoice
- You will be invoiced for minimum half upon receipt and the rest upon completion
- I always include the tip option in my invoices, but please do not feel pressured to tip! 
I truly appreciate all tips, but they are by no means necessary <3
Rendered Portrait Specific:
As the artist, I reserve the right to create prints of artwork I create (I'm in the middle of setting up my printing/cutting/framing services). All owner and species credits are always included in the watermark on the final piece as well as any prints.
BUT!!! if you are uncomfortable with me selling a print of artwork that includes your character, simply let me know at the time of purchase and I will note it down in my logbook that your painting will never be printed unless you specifically order a print of it!

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to these TOS.
You may request for your com
- :icondarkmoondancer:


Reply with your active request to this comment - >…
Bagbean/Griffia Requests [Always Open]I wanna learn how to draw beans and other griffian species better
I'm not sure what you'll get, it may be a sketch, a chibi, a pixel piece who knows! :la:
I'll pick and choose which ones catch my eye * w * <3
Just post them below!
- :iconcherri-crimzon:
Free bagbean sketchesI want to draw some beans to get me some peanuts to maybe get in on the sweet sweet bagbean action.
I will be making sketchy drawings, no colour, fullbodies to save time and energy. 
I will only do 2 drawings for free, if you want more I will charge 1$ or one money bean per sketch.
This is two per person, I'm only offering a paid version just in case someone wants a bunch off doodles for peas so their bagbean can go up some social status.
comment a ref, I'll be doing freebies in my spare time also if I want to cancel or stop on freebies don't be a butt about it, this is free and if I can't do it for whatever reason I am allowed to cancel.
& Free pea farmingI want to get several star beans and I need 1000+ peanuts to get them so I guess I'll do some free mass sketching.
Note if the character is complicated I may only draw them once. Note because this is free I will pick and choose how many I do, because of this you are not guaranteed a full 1000 sketches. I'm sorry if this sounds rude but if I don't have time or energy for this I will cancel because of the nature of it.
If you really want to guarantee me doing it you can pay for a sheet of 10 sketches for 5$. I will do a bunch for free this is just if you want to guarantee me doing the exact amount you want.
Please give me a clear reference, preferably without shading.
- :iconinfiniteblern:
Bagbean Comic Casting!Hiya there guys!!
I'm officially starting the sketches for the first 5 pages of my Bagbean Adventure Comic! There are a few Griffian characters I would like to feature and will be contacting them in the next couple weeks.
Of course I myself do not own enough Griffians to cast a whole comic series! So I'm asking for YOUR GRIFFIAN TO BE IN MY COMIC!!
Here's what you need to do:
-Own any kind of Griffian character
-Look at what category you think your Griffian character could fit into
-Reply with their reference, occupation, where they live and (up to) 30 word description of the character!
The Categories are:
* Adventuring Characters:
- Explorers
- Questers
- Treasure Seeker
- Archeologists 
* Pirate Characters:
- Pi
& Donation Hot Dog Cart
Barney here is running his very own 'Hot Dog' cart! Feel free to come and buy a hot dog at any time of the day. Want to know why they taste so good? That's because 100% of the profits go to charities around Griffia!!

1 Hot Dog = 1 MB / 1 Petal Coin / 1 Shell
What is the donation cart?
The donation cart is where you can donate Griffian currency by buying hot dogs from Barney's stand! These donations will go to a member of the community who is a FTGO, meaning they have not yet owned their first main Griffian (Bagbeans, Kryptoxes, Perfaunts & Fornlees) to help afford flat sales. Barney will sell hot dogs all week and then at the end of that week, he will give all his profits to a member of the community.
Who does the donation go to?
As stated, they will go to a FTGO in the community. That memb
- :iconcaldercloud:
LF BB to draw with a specific personalityHi everyone !
I'll enter the June Prompt with the Beach Fun theme, and I'm looking for BB to draw. I know a lot of people already allowed whose who enter to use their, but I'd like to make something special and that's why I'm looking for BB with a personality that... would match Spongebob Squarepants characters !
I'm looking for a Bean with kinda the same personality as Bob, of course, and another with the same as Plankton ^^
I know I'll never found something which match EXACTLY, but if you think your Bean could do that, it's okay ! 
P.S : It would be even better if they had matching colors *w* (Yellow for Bob and green for Plankton)
Thank you very much !
- :iconkiwikancre:
Bagbean Request [Open forever]So yeah Like the Theme say i would Love to do some doddles or sketches for some bagbeans im quiet bored and i want something to so so i Open some Request
I want to learn them to Draw Most the Anatomy in different poses.. 
please only bagbeans
will look like this:
- :iconharukithewolf:
Bagbean Animation Project (Link your bean!)EDIT: Im not sure what section to put this in since the regular Journal option is gone so i did bb memes.....?
Im planning on taking animation classes and learning to draw with my wacom tablet better so im planning a fairly large project. 
I love to story write and I feel like this community is perfect for this idea! I will be animating a bagbean "anime" intro (only reason i say anime is because the song i am going to use is in japanese) and i want some bagbeans to be in it! 
Basically this crew of bagbeans would be in this storyline im writing for the opening.
NOTE: Your bagbeans personal storyline does not need to change. This is completely seperate from official griffa information other than how the oand works and flora and fauna so dont be afraid to enter your bb!
-You must be ok with simplifying (easier to animate)
-I will pick less complex bagbeans over mroe complex ones! Keep that in mind!
-You can enter sprout forms of your characters!
-No co creatures (yet)
- :icondenpun:
[Slots full] bagbean / griffian requests!Lion Ear Twitch Emote Hey! I'm gonna take a bunch of BB / griffian requests, like it says in the title! I really love these species and the community, everyone there is so upbeat and helpful, as well as polite, so I'd like to return the kindness in a way! :D
Small rainbow fidget spinner emoticon 
Just comment with a ref of your bagbean and I'll draw a fullbody of them, if I can! I might not get to yours it's too insanely complex for me, sorry if I don't, I will try to though. I'm more than likely gonna draw these out traditionally, because that's what I'm more comfortable with *^*
But hey, free art is free art, right? Facebook like bullet 
ALSO, NO YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY OR TIP ME IN ANY WAY! these are free! but I can't stop you ;x;
1. KittiKaii
2. MortalKAkatsuki96
3. Duffiebutt
4. @izbloop
5. Aryncoryn
6. WolfLover595
7. ScreamingSloths
8. SpookySherbs
9. Suuchann
- :icongrapera:
bagbean requests [open]i'll open this every 2 days.
i want to draw and be active in the group even if i don't have a bagbean.
please leave your bagbean reference in the comments and i'll draw something of them.
if the bagbean is too complex for me to draw i'll simplify it...
thank you
- :iconsoftbean:
OPEN - Taking Main Griffian Requests!Note: I can't guarantee I'll be able to draw everyone who asks for a request, but I'll definitely try to get to all of them at least at some point! :D
Note 2: This is for main griffians ONLY! (Kryptoxes, Bagbeans, Perfaunts, and Fornlees.) 
I will not be taking other requests at this time, sorry! ;v;
I also can't guarantee what I'll do, exactly, with drawing them-- but I'll try to put as much effort as I can into each one! Whether it's digital or traditional art, I'll try my best! <3
So just leave a comment below with your griffian-- I'll draw toxes, beans, faunts, and lees-- I'll try the new species griff is releasing around this time, too, if you request it! ^^
Just leave their name, current/applicable reference sheet, and maybe a basic personality in your comment. x3 I'd be more inclined to draw darker ones (only because I like drawing dark/sad/angry stuff best), but I'm willing to give other characters a go, of course!
Also let me know if you'd possibly like what I draw shi
- :iconaryncoryn:
Griffia sprite requests [OPEN]
ughh I'm so sad that I missed the deadline for the DTR by just that much, they were gonna be a gift to a friend if by some chance I had won. at least I got to practice doing smaller sprites again! I hope the winner likes the drawings I did too. getting the first and most recent Panic! albums today makes me feel a bit better so? aah idk I'm gonna listen to Panic! and pixel some random beans to help cheer myself up!! throw all the beans at me my dudes >8O
sprites aren't difficult for me/don't at all take long to do but I've got some other owed stuff to do first before doing these requests.
before commenting, copy paste and fill out this form;
> Griffia reference:
> requested pose, expression,
and/or prop (example; holding waffles):
> animation yes/no:
- :iconbaconpandas:
Taking BB/griffian/Co-creature requests! (OPEN)So many BBs to draw I just can't pick one >~< even for a snych like me sooooo TIME FOR REQUESTS! (BBs, Kryptoxs, Perfaunts, Fornlees, even Snyches count!)
Current requests:
1. Duffiebutt - Done - Vlad
2. Suuchann - Done - Tilina
3. Experimentor-Iblis - Done - Pugs and Kryptoxs
4. Tenshi-no-Koneko - Done - Mazikeen
5. Faky-bean - Done - 
- :iconfuzzy-draws-bbs:
Bagbean Tiny Painting Raffle[[This is not an official raffle of :iconbagbeans:, but it is bean related]]
Not so long ago I made a few tiny paintings for Griff as a gift
and I recently got my hands on some new paint as well as canvases
Each painting canvas is 6.5cm x 6.5cm
Examples below:

I will say though my style has changed a bit since, and my most recent appears like:

:star: Now, to the raffle part!! :star:
I am raffling off one free tiny painting!
There are just a few rules, however
- You must own a Bagbean
- I am not comfortable with painting other griffia, but if you would still like to enter with them for me to experiment if you win, you may (the product may not be the best)
- You must be comfortable with me mailing the final product to you
(I will cover the shipping costs!)
- Comment with "paint me a present" to let me know you fully understand these
- :iconsmaiijesus:
Looking for modelsI'm looking for any kind of Griffia/Capria/Fluffia world creatures to model. I am a 3D modeling student (on summer break) and recently found this species. They fascinate me greatly and so I'm going to ask... would anyone be interested in having their little baby modeled into a 3D creation? Which I will post here on DA and give you WIPs (if asked).
Looking for:
Arrow left Fronlees
Arrow left Anubias
Arrow left Perfaunts
Arrow left Guardians
Arrow left Kryptox
Arrow left Gem Hoppers
Arrow left Bavom
Arrow left Possible Companion species
Completed Species:
tick Bagbeans
- :iconshinobi-kitty:
Looking for bagbeans to draw!So! I need to earn some peanuts and i need to make so many gifts to so many lovely people so ill get a slightly bigger chance that our Queen will notice me (and if im luck eough, get my first bagbean)
So that means i need to draw YOUR bagbean(s)! 
If i may draw your bagbean please link/comment picture to it in the comments, please do not just write "you can draw mine" because not all have their bagbeans easily found on their DA, once i had to draw a bagbean and had to search on their DA for 10 min before i found just one picture of the bagbean, so if you can please link to a fullbody art of them, that would help alot.
By commenting here you allow me to draw your bagbean(s) either alone, with other bagbeans (if i decide to draw multiple in one art) or with my own mazey. UNLESS you write in the comment you would prefer art where only your bagbean(s) are in or if im allowed to do multiple, up to you.
so now :D go ahead, comment :D
Peanuts Gatherd (by drawing bagbeans from this lis
- :icondulect:
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