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Community Art Center

Sat Jun 17, 2017, 3:32 AM by griffsnuff:icongriffsnuff:
Instead of using folders in the gallery for request/contest/commission/other journals by members, we are now introducing the Community Art Center.
It will run the same way as the trade center does, and you can always find this linked on the front page under navigation.
If you have trackers, memes, relationship journals, etc, they can still be added to the original journal folder. Everything else will go here! Please do not add any requests, contests, raffles, commissions to that folder.

Active Griffian List:…

If you have any questions/comments about this journal, please ask them here - >…


This journal is only if you are selling commissions, taking requests or having contests/raffles/giveaways that are Griffia related! If you are looking to trade/sell your characters, here is the journal for that…

The rules under are there to keep this journal and group from being a dumping ground for huge species/character clear outs. If the rules are not being followed your comment will be hidden.
Reason for no outside CS:…

:bulletblack: No begging or guilt tripping.
:bulletred: This journal is ONLY for Griffians/Griffia species.
:bulletred: If your journals contain anything non-Griffia related, it will be removed/not added.
:bulletred: All contests/requests/commissions/other need to be in a journal to be added here!
:bulletred: Do not post unrelated characters/species that do not belong in Griffia. This includes IN journals you link.
:bulletgreen: You can offer money/points or items from Griffia as prizes or in contests or art of Griffians.
:bulletgreen: Make sure you make it very clear that you are only doing Griffians and co creatures from Griffia! If you do not specify it's Griffia only it won't be accepted.
:bulletblue: If you are unsure what goes under GCC/Griffia,  contact one of the mods.

:bulletpurple: Do not have conversations in the comments! Let's please keep it nice and tidy.
:bulletpurple: Reply to your original comment and tag voxame once it is closed or no longer valid so that it can be hidden and removed from the journal!
:bulletpurple: If you close your journal without tagging voxame in the reply she sends to you, your journal will be removed and comments hidden.
:bulletpurple: If you plan to reopen commissions at a later date, you will need to resubmit your journal. Only journals with waitlists will be left in the journal!

Please try your best to keep your entries in this journal active! It becomes difficult to do maintenance when people are removing their journals and not notifying us that they're not active anymore. Just reply to the comment voxame gives you and we can remove it! You can always reply to the comment chain you posted in if you cannot find your original comment, still works the same way!

How do I participate in this journal?
Reply to the comment that corresponds with what you are doing underneath in one of the four titled areas. Once your contest/commission/requests/other are closed, you need to reply to your original comment and tag voxame in it so we can remove it from this journal!
The contest area can include raffles, giveaways, contests and anything that falls under that category.
The commission area can include any type of commission as long as it's Griffia related and falls under that category.
The request area can include any type of request including using characters for comics, drawing requests, using characters for projects, anything that falls under that category.
The miscellaneous area can include unofficial guides, games or projects, or even requesting ideas for a custom. This area is a little loose so if you're unsure if it falls under that category please ask!


Reply with your active contest/raffle/giveaway to this comment - >…
Please remember to ping voxame when your journal is no longer active. If your journal is removed or is listed as closed, it will be removed automatically.
February Griffian Core RaffleSo I really wanted to find a way to give back to the amazing Griffian Community, and one thing I know I can do is give core subscriptions to be people. So for the indeterminate future, I will be holding monthly raffles to give away core. 
Winner will receive a 3-month core subscription. This will close Feb. 28.
The rules!

Exclamation mark You MUST be a member/watcher of BagbeansFluffleTales, or AnubianEmpire for a minumim of three months (since Nov.)

Exclamation mark Respond to the "Entries here" comment and any other remarks go in "Comments here", This is to help me keep it nice and tidy, thank you.
Exclamation mark Be nice!
Exclamation mark One entry per person 
What you need to do:
Blue Arrow BulletSince it's February, tell me
- :icontenshi-no-koneko:
ESB Company: Style!Mystery Voice: "Greeting, fellow Griffians!
It is I, the Leader of the ESB Company! 
Today, I have a very special announcement! 

This will include 100 Beans, 15 Casters, 
5 Guardians, 20 Pixis, 5 Peads, 15 Krytoxs,

15 Perfaunts, and 25 Fornlees to be randomly 
selected for a Style Themed gift! 

Certainly this is a fun project! 
But, alas, we do not have anyone to help out - Ah! Do not worry, even if you do sign up to help, you are still able to have chance at getting selected! 
Please read the information on this paper and sign up!"     
Suddenly, two pieces of paper has appeared in your hand. Both pieces of paper had a silhouette on them. 
The silhouettes were in the shapes of different grifians of the main species, but who are they?

ESB Company: Style Informat
- :iconfuyonabeanie:
Bagbean Scribble Challenge!Hello everyone!
 Rules are: You have to draw anything griffia related using this scribble!    Reply to the featured comment with your drawing!
                      Currently i dont have any prizes for the best drawing. But if i get one you can win it!
- :icondoodlespearmint:
December 2017 commissions rafflethis is for the Griffia groups
(I only do Main DOMS at the moment)
I've decided to do a raffle for my art commissions
my art commissions ~> art for money
I'll be doing this 
 ~ comment will always be the same just will go off anything after the last time I raffled
 ~ I'll be doing 10 at a time and you will receive a single fullbodies "hanging out with all the other" depends on the personality
 ~ it isn't one per person it's one per main DOM so if you enter 4 of your mains you get 4 raffle numbers but the number is for a specific griffian
 ~ you may enter for other people but please tag them
 ~ please include masterlist link and/or current unofficial rebase
~ raffle numbers list: raffle numbers
~ enter here:
- :iconsaltypepper87:
Dia's Diabolic Art Competition! Tracker Website l All My Griffians l Commissions l MM Clavis Shop l Relationships l Peanut Tracker
UPDATE  I am extending the Contest by another month!
I want to give a chance to have all the prizes given out!  It WILL NOT be extended beyond that.  
For ANYONE that has already entered and posted I will give a complimentary reward of either 10 GC or a custom MM Clavis mini.
I have decided to have a bit of a conte
- :icondiamione:
Bagbean Dance comp 2018Bagbean Dance comp 2018
 Welcome one and all to the Griffa dance completion for 2018. 
Here teams of 3 to 9 Griffans will compete to be the best dance group.
This competition will go over the next 11 months! So you have plenty of time to enter at some point in the year.
This is a community-based contest this is inspired by the Bagbean and other Griffan species. Not official contest! 
Each month a group will submit one piece of art for their group and go in the running to be best in that month.  At the end of the month, all the points are totaled and will be added to the yearly score. The grand final winner will be the team with the most points at the end of December!
Each submission of art for your group will earn you 5 points.
So every month you have the ability to get 5 points.
Fan points:
Each team can have art drawn of them by other members of the community or other
- :iconjuicy-melon:
Amitola's Fact Raffle
Speech BubbleWelcome griffians!  When a bagbean goes on their Identity Trial, they find the animal, plant, stone, item, food, etc; that they find themselves in and base their bag of it.  However, many bagbeans have their bags based off of things not a lot would know about, with some being on things no one has even heard of!  Because of that, I want to hear about what their theme is and what better way to do so than to run a raffle!
In celebration of my 1 year anniversary of my joining of this group, I want to hold this monthly raffle.  In this raffle, anyone can enter for a random chance of a prize by commenting with a picture of a bagbean with 5 facts about that bagbean's theme.
Raffle Rules
You have to be a member of the Bagbeans 
- :iconminidragonfly:
Redesign Contest!a ridiculous amount of GC and prizes to be won!

all participants will get one (1) nox smooch
- :iconequinnoxious:
Bagbean DTR! - OPENDEADLINE -> 15th of March 2018
(when it is no longer the 15th anywhere in the world ->
-- the deadline is far set because of the gala --
yay my first /public/ griffian give-away :)
please read the whole journal and acknowledge the rules
or else your entry will be voided.
- draw to enter raffle
- ultimate prize bagbean - Tiger Quoll -
- I don't mind if you enter to retrade/resell, once they are yours you can do with them what you like!
however I'd love if she found a loving home.
- feel free to share/signal boost however there will be no prizes or extra raffle entries for this!
- to enter you are NOT drawing the prize bagbean, but my griffians (listed below)
- maximum 5 entries per person
- quality of your artwork must reflect effort and execution of your gallery
- entries must be full body artwork (and coloured) that adhere
- :iconfayfia:

Art Commissions

Reply with your active commission to this comment - >…
Please remember to ping voxame when your journal is no longer active. If you are re-opening commissions later, you will need to re-comment your commission journal. We also accept journals that are closed but have waitlists. If your journal is removed or is listed as closed, it will be removed automatically.
Griffia commission pricesFor future references.
Normal styles:
Lineart (no colour): $10

Lineart (greyscale colour): $20

Flat-colour: $25

Flat-colour with shading and special effects: $30

Half body: $25
[Gift] Lily of the Valley by Du-sk
Full body: $40
[Gift] like standing on the surface of the Sun by Du-sk[DTA EVENT] Blueberry Cake by Du-sk
- :icondu-sk:
Open for Bagbean commissions:iconblackdivider1plz::iconblackdivider2plz::iconblackdivider3plz::iconblackdivider4plz::iconblackdivider5plz::iconblackdivider6plz::iconblackdivider7plz::iconblackdivider8plz::iconblackdivider9plz:
Opening 5 slots for Bagbean and other Griffians commissions <3
1 - [ o p e n ]
2 - [ o p e n ]
3 - [ o p e n ]
4 - [ o p e n ]
5 - [ o p e n ]
Prices and style examples here: Small Drawings Commission Sheet 
Examles of bagbeans and other griffians I have so far:
You can also get a pixel icon. Prices and examples here: [ o p e n ] Pixel Icon Commissions Sheet
Pixel pagedolls are also open  Pixel
- :iconkolewazaki-san:
Griffian Icon Commissions - CLOSED -NOW ACCEPTING
1. adorablysquish
2. The-Kayfox
4. KingFemboi
5. DARCl
6. Alavar-Randomity
7. Redivivo 
8. Lei-Leiurus

static(non-animated) - $10 / 1000 points

animated - $15 / 1500 points 


(+$3 / 300pt  for backgrounds not listed below)
(+$2 / 200pt  for  large wings , multiple limbs or difficult designs)
Premade Backgrounds Are Available!!

1. spring forest  2. autumn forest  3. river side  4. savanna
5. dark forest  6. autumn dark forest  7. rainforest
8. pine forest  9. night p
- :iconquartz-witch: (accepting waitlist)
All Griffia species ART Commissions! [OPEN] NewNow offering Icons!
Hey guys! The money I make from commissions is what's paying for my cat's vet visits and anything he needs. Thank you so much for your help!
These commissions include all Griffia species! DOMs, SECs, and SUPs only! I have a different journal for other species commissions.
Paypal only since I'm saving up funds so points and GC will not be accepted as payment at this time. Thank you for understanding!
• I will no longer be accepting reserved slots. My commissions are always open (unless I state otherwise) and my slots are unlimited! It's less stressful for me this way.
Mini - $8.50
- :iconbloodorangepancakes:
For regular commissions, go to my main: Japanblossom
100Points = 1 MB = 1 PMB
Commissions are currently OPEN
Please ask if you would like to be notified when my commissions are opened and I will put you on the waitlist*!
*Wait- and to-do list can be found on my profile page under the art statuses.

Read my T.O.S. before commissioning/buying from me.

I have the right to decline any commission. Please respect my decision; there are some characters I'm just not comfortable with drawing, whether it be due to anatomy or personal preference.
Don't expect too much of me, I'm not a miracle worker.
I refuse to draw anything remotely NSFW such as nudity, gore, etc or anything offensive (sorry, that's just what I believe and am comfortable with
- :iconblossbean:
BB Commissions - openhello there! I'm going to try and save up for an eventual BB, so I thought I'd open up some customs <3
these will be done in this style:

Each one is $10 to be sent via paypal (will note with info)
at this time, I'm only going to 'accept' 3 at a time, and once I finish those, I'll accept more :3
please fill out this form:
BB ref: 
extra info: 
expression: (what do you want their emotion to be, etc)
- :iconjbeany:
Commissions for Moneybeans!For Griffia and related! Now you can have your griffians, caprians and Fluffians drawn by me! I will take money beans so be sure to buy if you have them!
Your griffians will be drawn here!
Bust Commissions
1 for sketch bust
3 for Lineart bust
5 for colored bust
Each additional character is 1

Half Body Commissions
5 for sketch half body
8 for Lineart half body
12 for Colored Half Body
Each additional Character is 3

Fullbody Commissions
10 for sketch 
12 for lineart fullbody
20 for colored fullbody
Each additional Character is 5

Chibi Commissions
All are colored!
5 for each character
Pea Farming
1 for every 10 sketches
5 for simple background and effects
20-50 for complex background (depending on how complex)
If you are interested, comment and I will get to work! 
except when im unavailable to a scanner.
& Cutout Commissions
Im taking commissions for these for
$5 or 5mbs each character.
I also charge for shipping if you want it shipped. Its totally optional its just if you want it.
Comment down below if you do want a cutout. Thanks for taking the time and looking at this.
- :iconarteest76:
Hello! I have decided to open some Bagbean commissions!
little star  Fullbody/Chibi: 
:bademoticon: These will be 2 Money beans or $2!!
little star Fullbody Page:
(comes with 4-5 drawings like these)

:bademoticon: These will be 8 Money beans or $8!! 
If you would like one please comment with this form filled out!
cherry blossom For any extra characters please fill out a separate!cherry blossom 
Name of BB:
Ref for BB:
Type of Commish:
Money Beans or Paypal:
- :iconklttybeans:
BagBean Commissions for MBs (OPEN)I'm looking to do some commissions :D currently, I'll only be doing commissions for money beans but maybe in the future I'll do them for points :aww: I also do other main griffians :3
A sketch with dark outline, 1 MB each +1 for colored (it'll be much neater)
Reference Sheet, 2 MB each
Lyric Sheet, 5 MB per each song +1 for colored (images provided would be 25 MBs)
Pea Farming! Every 10 will be 5 MBs
15 MBs (these take time and patience)
& Pea Farming CommissionsI'd like to say I'm opening Pea Farming commissions :la: I realized how much fun it was to do some this morning and I'd like to do more :aww:
Lee Pea Farming Pt. 3 by WolfLover595 (228)
How this'll work -
Every 10 peas will be 5 GCs
If you only have PayPal, we can discuss other options :aww:
So far, I've completed 100 in 6 hours, 220 within 16 hours, and 250 over the span of three days :aww: I could probably complete more if I had more free time :D
- :iconwolflover595:
Bagbean Commissions [open]Fully colored drawing:
 5 GC or 500 points.
+2 GC/200 points for every extra griffian in the picture. 
***Please specify if you want shading. Also specify if you want a specific kind of shading.
Colored with a background:
 8 GC or 800 points.
+2 GC/200 points for every extra griffian in the picture. 
***Please specify if you want shading. Also specify if you want a specific kind of shading.
Colored comics:
Bagbean Carnival- Flower child- Couple Comfort by MiniDragonfly Bagbean Carnival- Flower child- Angel Aura Flowers by MiniDragonfly 
- :iconminidragonfly:
Unofficial custom Peads commission 
This is a Pead
And we all know you love them. So I asked to Griff if I could make unofficial Peads based on main allies, and she agreed note, this would be only artworks, not anything more. they won't be canon and you can't use them as a design in any way, the only way to make it official is to use a shapeshift potion, which you have to get. The aim of this artworks is just to be decorative.
So this, as the title says, will be unofficial, but based on your bagbeans/main allies. They will be coloured and shaded and since they will not be done on a base, but will be each different, ther will cost $3/300 :points: each. If you want more Peads in a picture, can do (especially ship art, lol), for a max o three charcaters, and each character will cost $3.
This will be done tomorrow and at the beginning of July, as the beans. Comment to claim, again, add the name of the bagbean, please!
& Bean cheap commissions!Guess what is back?
Ok so, the last journal is a mess and I do not have a list of all the beans I made, so comment back here if you want one.
I'll leave this open and start them in july
I know some of you send me the payment before I made the artworks. Please, if you did, try to check out the payment you send me and I'll put you on the list/I will refund you if you want. if you do not have proofs, but you are in the comment of the other journal, I'll believe you anyway
They still costs $0,50/50 :points:
And they will come with just the 600x600 picture
Remember to include the names of your bagbeans!
- :iconanivielle:
Griffian Pixel Commissions-OPENI'm looking to open up commissions for BB and Tox pixels (I haven't gotten to try out the other 2 main Griffians or co-creatures yet so order for them at your own risk) They will come in either simple animation or static.
They will be no taller than 100 pixels in height 
They will look something like this

Winnie by Nikko-UsagiImmy by Nikko-Usagi
I can do Peads too if you'd like one done with accessories for 1/2 price 
Timmy the Pead by Nikko-UsagiTammy the Pead Pixel by Nikko-Usagi F2U Pead Pixel by Nikko-Usagi
I'm looking for $8-$10 depending on the difficulty of your character
I will also accept points/all forms of Griffia currency/or beans, potions, flowers, and fruits
Please fill out this form below
Name of
- :iconnikko-usagi:
0 / 90 
So I am offering all sorts of commissions here;
Full Body Art Commissions
These will be fullbody and quick; Traditional or Digital, 
Price: $2 / 2 gc (sc)
These will be fullbody and more refined, Traditional Or Digital (will not include grey scale colouring)
Price: $4 / 4gc (sc)
These are refined and coloured, Digital only 
Price: $6 / 6gc (sc)

Coloured and Shaded:
Same as coloured but with soft shading, Digital Only
Price: $8 / 8 gc
Add Ons:
Background: +$6 / 6gc
Extra characters: +main price / 2 (so coloured +$3)
Hand Crafted Items
Simple Plush:
Example: TBA
These are simple plush's designed to fit in the palm of the
- :iconexperimentor-iblis:
Bagbean Rebase Style Commissions!The person who bought the last one deactivated before paying so i'm opening these up again!
Just a reminder that these are not official rebases; just made to look like griffsnuff style
Usually I do them for about $30 but this will be a pay-what-you-want/offer anything kind of commission instead
I'd mostly prefer USD or Griffia characters/item offers however I will consider points, art, moneybeans, etc as well
Comment here with offers
Examples here:

If you want to offer a character or something more valuable you could get more than one rebase as well
I will probably accept a maximum of three offers for now unless there are some really good offers; these will probably be done in a week or so after I accept
Note: I am much more likely to accept money so I could buy myself characters in the future
- :iconthemoosewhisperer:
Need Help- Griffia/Co-creature Commissions OpenHey everyone...
So...things on my end have gotten progressively worse as time has gone on. We lost the car yesterday and without going into too much detail, we are in a very tight bind when it comes to money. I'm working on a lot right now but we just flat out need help. So to try to lighten the burden on my father, I'm going to try to bring in as much money as possible to help. This is to at least help us afford a car, he's currently walking to work. To do that, I'll need to be taking commissions. I have a regular commission journal but this journal is for the Bagbean Community. I haven't been an active member for too long, but I hope that I can get some help from you guys...
If you can't buy, please consider advertising for me ;-;. I really need the help, thank you!
Because I need actual money, I will only be accepting paypal. 
I'm offering the following;

Sticker Style Chibi's - $7 (flat or if specified, shaded)

- :iconkatsakitty:
Bagbean commissions OPEN

Finally opening commissions again ; v ; Just Note me if you're interested!
I accept Paypal points:points: and also GC  (Gold Coin or Griffia Currency)
I do not take SC atm~
Read about GC here:  1GC = $1
YCH bouncy icon
Points1000 / $10
.:Commission:. Mawaki by Ne-chi.:commission:. Bandit by Ne-chi.:Commission:. Vincent by Ne-chi.:commission:. Cortanna by Ne-chi.:Commission:. Seridia by Ne-chi.:Commission:. Amorette by Ne-chi.:Commission:. Fable by Ne-chi
.:commission:. Rush by Ne-chi.:commission:. Ari by Ne-chi.:Commission:. Paisley by Ne-chi.:Commission:. Kama by Ne-chi.:Commission:. Noah by Ne-chi.:Commission:. Winter by Ne-chi.:Commission:. Sofie by Ne-chi.:Commission:. Mia by Ne-chi
- :iconne-chi:
Griffia: Painting CommissionsI'm having a lot of fun doing these so I figured I'd set up a separate journal for this. :3 
(more coming soon, I promise)

Ordered pieces will be of similar size, with little to no background detail (single color, gradient, etc). 
I am willing to do art of:
Main four (Kryptox, Bagbean, Fornlee, Perfaunt)
Semi-main allies (Angelic Gem Hoppers, Casters, Bavom)
Companions (at a potentially discounted price--ask)
The price for each of these will be $35 to start (we'll see how long they take me in the long run and go from there)
(more slots may be added beyond this for the right bribe)
Griffian Commissions (Open Mon-Sat)Hello! My commissions are open for ALL Griffian characters.
To do list:
Unofficial "Kandy-Cube" Style Re-base Now Open!
Each one is $10-$25 depending on Complexity! If you're not sure how much your Kryptox would be, you can comment for a quote!
Here is an example:


 Paypal, GC, SC, Points, or Google Wallet accepted (USD)
Headshot: $3
Half Body: $15
Full Body: $10
  Flat BG: +$1
  Colored Lines: +$1
  Shading: +$5
  Detailed BG: +$8

Tracker/Character: (Link only please)
Head-shot:tick x 
Half Body:tick 
& Pea Farming CommissionsThese are gonna be really cheap :D
$1>Griffia items/currency


Sketch/lineart: $0.50
  Color: +$0.25
  Shading: +$0.25

So, that means each drawing that's shaded and colored, would be $1/100pts.
If you don't have points, or money, don't fret.
I will also be accepting trades. So, you can offer me beans, potions etc.

Comment this form to order(links only please)
Main Griffian Tracker:
Current Reference:
Number of Drawings:
Lined? tick x 
Colored? tick x 

Shaded? tick 
- :iconem-lilly-lavender:
Bagbean Commissions OPENI love bagbeans //dies
SO I have commissions open for them! Please read carefully everything!
- Payment can be after sketch but before finished product!
- Extra Characters will cost double;
- I can draw Kryptox, Fornlees or Perfaunts as well! 
:bulletyellow:Sketch Bagbean/Griffia Commissions: $15-20$+

:bulletgreen: Full Color Bagbean/Griffia Commissions: $25-50$ (No shading is 20$+ and Shading is 30$+)

:bulletblue: Full Color Reference Sheets: $35+
(Includes Full body + Color Palette + Bag + Marking indications/Accessor
- :iconrain-ette:
Bagbean Commissons (3 slots open)Currently offering Babgbean (Griffa) only commishes!
They can be one of the following types below...

(Can do thick lines or fuzzy lines, this goes for all art just let me know!)
- Colored (Comes with highlights/shading) = 2 USD or 100 :points
Fullbodies (Chibi) 
- Colored (Comes with highlights/shading and a simple bg) = (Begins at 4 USD or 300 :points:)
Couple/friend/etc add ons -
Starts at 3 USD or 300 :points:
Backgrounds -
Only for upgrading to sticker/detailed bgs. Simple colors/bgs come free.
^2 USD or 150 :points:
Time frame/scheduling art ...
(transitioning currently) Weekends vary.
Please give up to a week for art other then headshots to be completed. Discounts occur for long standing art owed or repeat customers! USD art gets done ASAP!!
Please use the form below as a guide so i know what you want :)
BB/Etc name:
Official reference:
Pose/Expression etc ideas:
Any other characters?
- :iconkydashing:
Bagbean Commissions (OPEN)Please Keep In Mind These Commissions And Prices Pertain To Bagbeans And Griffian Species ONLY!
I'm REALLY wanting to get myself a Kryptox, Perfaunt, or Fornlee
My hopes for it isn't all that high but at least I'll be a little closer to getting one if I can at least get a few customers.
I accept Paypal, :points:, and Money Beans(MB)
$1 = 100:points: = 1MB
For Extra Characters there will always be a $2-$5 charge depending on character complexity
Some Sections are missing examples simply because there isn't a bagbean example yet in my gallery but there are plenty of examples that involve other things like ponies.
Basic Sketches:


Colored Sketches:


Headshot Sketches:

- :iconravensonglullaby:
[ OPEN ] Griffian ArtComsHeylo Lovelies!
Just some fancy commissions for Griffians <3
Here's my working ToS that you agree to upon purchase. It details your rights as a consumer, my work pace, etc. If you have any questions let me know.
Terms of Service ( Last Updated 01/20/18 | Added to Journal 03/24/17 )
Application in ToS not applicable to a purchase here.
Pixels: OPEN
( price may increase $2-8 if the design is complex or if there's multiple accessories )
50x50 Icons: $6.00 or 600 :points:
100 x 100 Icons: $10.00 or 1000 :points:
Thumbnail Pixels ( up to 200x200 pixels ): $25.00 or 2500 :points:
Big Pixel Art- with BG: (150x300) $100.00

- :iconaurenbunni:
(1 slot left) Bagbean Bag commissions/tradesHello everybody! I'm going to be trying to do commissions/trades for life size versions of bagbean bags! Please before commenting, read through everything below!
What to Expect
A custom bagbean bag will come with:
:bulletgreen: Your bagbean's bag (of course)
:bulletgreen: Lifetime warranty: if your bag is damaged, I will repair it for free! 
:bulletgreen: Your choice in additions, such as interior pockets, closings, and inner lining pattern of your choice!
Base Pricing
:bulletred: Side bag:
:bulletred: Backpack
Please contact me about possible trades. Please note though, I will only look at something of equal or greater value. This goes for art, physical items, or characters. 

:bulletblue: What will the bags look like?
That bags will come out something like this: 
- :iconjalajalapeno:
Griffia's Commission (Open)
To order
Just comment bellow or send a note.
Bullet; White Type of commission: (Ex: 3 chebs)
            Bullet; White Shading and Type of background if wanted (5$ will be platform or simple background with deep. 10$ will be detailed background with deep)
Bullet; White Reff: Link to design
Bullet; White Extra: Anything you want? Special request?

To do list
Dot Bullet (Purple) - F2U! Paid Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U! Started
-None for now-
Open for 5 commissions

Waiting list
Ask me if you want to be tagged when they open again!
-None for now-

-This commissions
- :iconbloodyngore:
[OPEN] Pea Farming Commissions!I need to stack up on peanuts and other griffian currencies as I'm aiming to get some GCC's in the future. So I thought it'd be a cool idea to do some pea farming. 
I'll only be taking commissions of Bagbeans, Fornlees, Perfaunts or Kryptoxes! These will all be traditionally drawn and sketchy, so there won't be any accessories drawn on and it will be slightly messier than this:

5 sketches = $2
10 sketches = $3
20 sketches = $6
I can take USD (PayPal), MB or PMB as payment methods and you can combine them up. 
Conversion: $1 = 1MB = 1PMB
You pay first, and then I start on the commission.
I'm fine with refunds, but once I'm 50% the way through the whole commission, you'll only get 75% back. Please keep this in mind.
When commissioning me, please specify the payment method (and proof of the MB or PMB ownership if y
- :icons-arpg-lin:
USD Commissions [Open]INFO
I only am taking paypal as a payment currentlyI will only start your commission after paymentFor larger commissions I will send a WIP for approvalSmall things can be fixed after the commission is finished, just let me know and I'll work it outGenerally for smaller commissions the wait time will be within a week or two; larger ones will be within the month. If anything comes up and changes this dramatically I will keep you in the loop Please keep in mind I work 40+hours a week so progress is generally made on the weekendsPrices may go up if your griffian is VERY complicated! Feel free to ask a price checkPlease fill out the following:
-Commission type:
-Griffian Reference(s):
-Personality: (nothing long, just a short blurb or some key points)
-Notes: (any extra info you'd like to give, like a pose, or items on a ref sheet)

Chibi Commissions - $5
- :icon3beansalad:
Griffian Commissions: Fullbody, HeadshotsThis includes all Caprian/Fluffia/Griffian creatures!!

10-15$ depending on complexity!
10-15$, 1000-1500p, 10-15PMB,10-15MB
Any Griffia or Affiliate creatures!
Traditional or Digital!
Detailed background: add another 1-5$ depending on complexity!
I can also do transparent backgrounds!!

5-8$ depending on complexity!
5-8$, 500-800p, 5-8PMB, 5-8MB
Traditional or Digital!
Any Griffia or Affiliate creatures!

Payment choice::
Anything else?::

1. Open 
2. Open
3. Open
1. Open
2. Open
3. Open
- :iconsternenklare-nacht:
[Bagbeans] Icon CommissionsHey guys! So, since Summer break is in 2 days, I thought it'd be ok to open up commissions! More specifically, icons!!
I'll be taking these for Moneybeans/Points ONLY!
Keep in mind; 1 MB/1$ = 100 Points
Still - 5 Moneybeans/500 Points
Blinking - 7 Moneybeans/700 Points
Bouncy/Flying - 10 Moneybeans/1'000 Points
Blinking + Bouncy - 15 moneybeans/1'500 Points
You may pay before or after.
What I'll do:
Bullet; BlackBagbean
Bullet; BlackFornlee 
Bullet; BlackKryptox
Bullet; BlackPerfaunt
Bullet; BlackAnubias Pixi   
What I might do:
Bullet; BlackFloophorses
Bullet; BlackAnubias Casters
& [Griffia] UNOFFICIAL Rebase Commissions!Hey!
I'm going to start taking some unoffical rebase commissions for MAIN Griffians! 
I will do...
•Bagbeans in GriffSnuff's style!
•Fornlees in GriffSnuff's or Kitkabean's style!
•Kryptoxes in GriffSnuff's or Kandy-Cube's style!
•Perfaunts GriffSnuff's or Sindonic's style!
How to get one?
Just fill in this form!
- - -
Official Masterlist Entry:
Pose (Optional):
Ok, but what do they cost?
Moneybeans, USD or Points!
Anywhere from 10 Moneybeans (1'000 Points/10 USD) to 15 Moneybeans (1'500 Points/15 USD) depending on complexity! 
NOTE: If there are mutations involved they must be approved. I won't do any extra mutations until they've been approved, sorry!

Current Examples (More to come):
- :iconbootlegpineapple:
Bagbean Commissions Open!!Opening 3 slots for now. Paypal is preferred but will also accept bean trades!! This only applies to bagbeans and griffia related critters.
Fullbody Art (SIMPLE BG) - $20 or 1600 points
Traditional lines and digital colors and shading. Either no bg or a simple gradient. 

Fullbody Art (BACKGROUND)- $25 and up or 2000+ points
Base is $25, price goes up depending on bg complexity.
For example, first three fall within $25. Last image falls within $40 due to fine details.

Plus $5 for every bagbean added in a single picture. 
- :iconsageofmagic:
[OPEN] Bagbean Commissions!*Now accepting USD, Money Beans/ Peanut Money Beans and Points!
You can use all to get what you want.
Priority Payment: PayPal and Money Beans.
THIS INCLUDES AnubianEmpire and FluffleTales
Extra character: No more then +$10/+10MBs added to base price. Can be less.
~Full body, shade/ no shade - $15
~Full body, Painted shade - $25

~Pixel icon, Simple Animated or Static - $5
~Clean Colored Sketch, Fullbody/bust/etc - $5-10

~Human versions: (Can be full body.) - Price Range: $20-$40

~Simple Animations: (FireAlpaca) - Price Depends on difficulty  (Estimated Range: $20-50 or so)
 (Click for animation.)

- :iconfuyonabeanie:
Bagbean commissionsThese commissions include all DOMs and SECs. Price migh vary depending on complexity, feel free to ask.

Bullet; Red  Tradicional Stickers (closed)
avaible: 18 December-15 January

Bullet; Red  These stikers are hand-made on sticker paper and colored with copics. They are not very big
Bullet; Red  I might not add too many details or accesories, and I'd rather avoid adding the bag, but that is up to you. Feel free to ask me before if you do not want some elements to be removed or if it is ok to simplifice it
Bullet; Red  Every sticker (fullbody) costs 4€ (+1€ if the design is complex)
Bullet; Red  Shipping: 2€
- :iconsuuchann:
Bagbean Commissions - OPENSeperate journal for Bagbean commissions because I totally enjoy drawing them <3
available commission types:
unshaded Page doll
price: 600-700:points: (depending on complexity)

unshaded Pixel Page doll
price: 500-700 :points:  (Depending on complexity)

 (No unshaded Bagbean example yet, because people just commissioned me for shaded pixel dolls and I don't want to post their unshaded versions without their permission)
shaded Pixel doll
price: 650-800:points: 
& Bagbean commissions with Item/GC paymentI was noted by people who are interested in commissions but don't have USD or GoldCoins, so I'm opening these kind of commissions and will closing my other ones.
Item/GC payment!
what does this mean?
You can offer all kind of griffia related things as payment (items, etc.) (PLEASE NO ART!) and I will decide if I will draw your character for the offered things or not. This will depend on the offered items and the complexity of your character.
What you can offer:
- all kind of potions
- all kind of beans
- companions, smols etc.
- GoldCoins
Please don't offer:
- art (these are no art trades!)
- collectables from the last Halloween event (I have enough XD)
- your soul
- things you're not official owning (I'll check the bank before accepting)
When it should be sent:
I'll note you when I finished the lines of your commission. Then it would be great if you could inform the ETOI. I'll continue working on your commission when I'll get the tag in the ETOI journal ;D
So please, if
- :iconfucal:
Griffia 3D Model CommissionsTaking commissions on any Griffia creatures (Main or Co). The price will vary depending on what is wanted & how complex your character is. More mutations/color variations the harder it is to get exact = more time spent making it correct. Ref sheets are welcome but not required.
Comment below or note me for a quote. 
BB that was used for the examples-

#1) Simple Model (not posed) $15+
  These take little to no time at all to produce (short wait time)
#2) Posed Model (any pose you like) $25+
  These will take a day or two longer to get done as they required extra work for "bones & skin" 
ex.  (they chose it to be like the original drawing)
#3)Turn-Table Animation $40+
  I will change the turn-table base(wood) to fit any simple
- :iconshinobi-kitty:
Bagbean Commissions!Hello everyone! I have decided that I will start getting more into Griffian species, so I am opening up these mcommissions. I will be charging moneybeans, and at a fair price! 
One big sketch page, coloured:
-This will cost between 5-10(Or 500-1000Points, OR PMB)  and you can pick 6-12 sketches! You may choose the poses, or the "surprise me!" option. 
One fullbody drawing, full colouring, shading optional: 
-This will cost only 3(or 300Points OR PMB) , a fair price if you ask me! For an extra (or 100Points OR PMB)  you can have the option to get a full background. 
Waist up drawing, full colour, shading and background optional:
-This will cost a WHOPPING 1-2 (100-200
- :iconsp01ce:
Griffian Commissions! [OPEN]i need points/money and i love griffians so here we go!
I have only ever drawn bagbeans but i can draw other griffian characters
$3.00/300 points
+$100/100 points per extra character

Reference Sheet (bagbeans only)
$5.00/500 points

Background: Optional
- :iconjunqmail:
:star: Note If Interested :star:
Sketch - 3$ +2$ per character
Colored - 7$
Pea farming/pages - 30$ for 15 poses
Comics - 10$ per page!
Human Forms: 12$
*+2$ for each added ally or companion creature
exchange rate: 1$ = 150 :points: OR 1.50 Moneybeans
Am also willing to barter for certain beans but it must be discussed

- :iconthesquiggler:
Commissions! (Griffia Only!)I'm just gonna post a list of commissions I'm doing LOL
This is not just limited to just bagbeans, btw! Other griffian mains are welcome .v.
Crayon style; 1 USD or MB
Regular style; 8 USD or MB
Please note that I have the right to deny your commissions!
First come first serve. (These are unlimited slots, however!)
I will try to get your commissions done asap! Please do not rush me >^<
- :iconnanoferret:
[OPEN] Bagbeans commissionsHi, everyone! I hope you're doing well and I thank you for taking the time to read this >///<
I won an advertising space in October's BBiTK - thanks again to the whole staff who's doing an awesome job on it!
i hope you'll like my work and that I'll have the opportunity to work with you soon!
Thank you very much!
I'll take Paypal and Money Beans for this <3
Paying with MB will only be available when the banks reopen so only PP for now! First three commissioners have a 30% discount on their order!
Bagbean painting: 15$/15MB
+3$/3MB for complex designs
+3$/3MB for complex clothing and accessoring

A nice painting of your Bagbean without any background. I hope you'll like it!

If you'd like me to draw sev
- :iconkiwikancre:
Griffia Commissions OPENCommissions for anything Griffia related! Mains and co-creatures as well.
No GC or points! I will be offering GC in the future.
Icons $15

Pixels $20-30 depending on complexity (will be a large pixel if complex)

[commission] owo-whatsthis by voxame
Chibis $10-$15 depending on complexity
[commission] equinnoxious by voxame[gift] empress-stardust by voxame[personal] teeny hazel by voxame[commission] equinnoxious by voxame
Basic Drawings $25
[personal] weepy hazel by voxame[commission] equinnoxious by voxame[bb] lunas birthday by voxame[commission] equinnoxious by voxame
Complex Drawings $40
[commission] equinnoxious by voxameQueen Pisums ToT by voxame
- :iconvoxame:
1 COMMISSION SLOT OPENWelp my Core membership died without me realizing... so I'm going to open for one commission!
The first person to comment asking for a commission can pick one of the following options:
1.) If you give me 3 MONTHS of Core membership you can get either 1 fully detailed or 2 simpler page dolls/outfit designs:

2.) If you give me 1 YEAR of Core membership, we can discuss a greater amount of art in return including full illustrations:

Feel free to see my gallery for more examples.
I'm only putting Bagbeans examples in this journal but I can draw other things too c:
- :icongeo-dragon:
[OPEN] Griffia CommissionsI added a few more things to this and changed some of the prices! <3
Hiya! Thanks for checking this out! I have a lot of stuff I can offer. <3
full bodies like this are $6

Simple full bodies are $5 without a background

Felted plushies (these are approximately 12 inches from feet to top of the head, not including tail/ears/hair) are $60+ depending on complexity and whether or not you'd like accessories + the cost of shipping. 

Tilesets are $30
Simple (not painted/minimal shading) human form busts are $10 (I don't yet have any griffia full body examples, but I have plenty of not griffia full bodies in my gallery. Simple full bodies will cost $25)

Painted human form portraits are $12

Full painted full bodies are $30 without a background
Painted portraits are $12 without a background
- :icongrauorchidee:
Griffian commissions (PayPal, open)Art example:

transparent background ^^ 
I can draw:
png background $7 (PayPal)(unlimited slots for now)
- :iconshockshel:
Griffian Pixel/Sprite CommissionsThis is mostly for the Main Griffians - Bagbeans, Kryptox, Fornlee, and Perfaunt!
I can also do companions and semi-mains/allies as well.  ;)
I know I am not the most fabulous artist out there.... But if anyone is interested I am available for these types of commissions! :D
Or for a about 10 USD price I can do Casters on these bases - 
Prices are just a rough starting point I am opening three slots of each at this time for now. As slots are completed I will open them up again.
Full Icons - 5 USD
May take 1-3 days
Small Icons - 3 USD
These take a little bit of time, sometime a day or so. 

"Mini" Pixels - 1 USD
These are usually really quick, anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour after I start.
- :icondiamione:
Bagbean Stick stcker commissionsI decided to kick the bucket of shyness and post this journal.
I want to change my username, but I need the points to do so.
People have been giving me a positive feedback on these stickers, so I thought it would be a good idea
to offer these as commissions, so you won't need to wait for your bagbean to show up in the bb birthday movement, and kinda be lucky fore to be inspired that day.
here, have some examples:
they are only 50 Points 
+5 per complex bagbean
+10 per additional bgbean
I can make group stickers too, but I don't have bagbean examples for those
just comment to claim
please fill this form, is not needed, but helps a lot
ref image or tracker:
- :iconlaps-sp:
DOM griffian commissions! Examples+prices:

Head shot:
5mb/500 points 

Full body:
10-15mb/1000-1500 points
Depending on complexity 
if you want to add another main griffian it's +5mb/500 points 
More examples on my page!
comment to claim a slot!
ill take 3 at a time (if I get that many)
i will re-open when finnished
- :iconbeanables:
commissions open (bagbeans only)for now, I'll only be taking griffian related commissions. please tell me if my prices are too high or too low!
(+$5 more than one character)
$8 no background

$10 no background w/ shading

$13 background, no shading

$15 full
- :iconmoothic:
Bagbean Commissions [OPEN]I have a goal of $150
Trying to help my father get my mother an anniversary present after he tried to use my card anyway and declined it lol
He needs the money, wants to get her something nice and is afraid he won't be able to.

I know I usually do a :points: option but not today, they're not whats needed right now. (Sorry)
These commissions are only for BBs and co-creatures
$2.00 for 1, $3.00 for pair

Lazy Blubbers:


If you're interested fill this out:
Commission Type(s):
How Many:
Character Link(s):
Shading Or No?:
Calculate Your Price:
Details About What You Want:

I'm able to do fullbody pixels and animation, if you want something that isn'
- :iconeivibean:
Griffian Commission [OPEN] just a few slotsYeah I want to take some Griffian Commissions
Can be anything Griffian related.
Price $4 or 300 :points: each Fullbody
Flat shading will be $1,50 or 100 :points: more!
I will take a bit more for complex designs!

1. rosexknight
- :iconpikachumaster:
Bagbean COM ref|unofficial rebase|pagedoll OPENExample:

1. Ref sheet/unofficial rebase+ ref:

30$ (current character design)
35$ (character unofficial rebase)
round 2:
round 1:
1. Eva26x done
2. Eva26x done
3. GallyGears done
Rules for current character design ref:
- link to the current design
- description of the back
- description of character as a kid (this part can be removed from the ref if desired)
- name and number
- personality (short)
Rules for unofficial rebase + ref:
-link to the current design
- description of all changes that will be made to the design (colors, hair, mutations, beans, accessory)
 - description of character as a kid (this part can be removed from the ref if desired)
- - name and number
- personality (short)
- first come first serve
- chose one of the options above and fill it out
- I will send
- :iconlalacat2000:
Griffia Commissions!Separate journal for my griffia related commissions <3

Commissions are currently: Closed! </3

Currencies I accept:

100 :points: = 1$ = 1 GC

What I draw:

-All griffia species


1. I will not start until I've received the payment!
2. Do not send payment until I've accepted your commission!
3. I need a visual reference of your character!

I have the right to deny commissions if I feel the need to!

Sketch Commissions

Fullbody sketch:
Sketch w single color shading - 1$
Flat colored sketch: 2$

Each extra character in a sketch pic is 50% of the cost! (A flat color sketch with two characters would be 2$ + 1$ = 3$)


Regular Commissions

- :iconzheika:
Onkado's Griffa's Commisions!!Hello! I am Onkado and I am opening a shop here for commisions.
I will accept Mb, PP and Points as currency.
Other things I will consider,
art trades
Griffa items
Griffa characters (cc)
Here is what I can do
Can add colors for $2

Flat colors

Complex colors or song inspired
Pull the stars out of the sky by fuedalTrying something new - Digital art test by fuedal
$10/10mbs/1000pts can include up to two griffans 
Exrtras beyond that point add on $3
$1 = 5 peas
Fenrir's trial - Part 1 - The wolf by fuedalFenrir's Trial - part 2 - Nurse by fuedal
$1 for 100 words
- :iconfuedal:
:thumb704435298: - :iconpositive-bean:
art for moneylets make this simple
this is for the Griffia groups 
for main DOMS
paypal or GC (no SC)
bulletpead peafarming is $1/GC per pea farming fullbodies (outlines made from closest base color)
bulletSead commissions
    LoveBeanbullet type 1 ~ general fullbody $5/GC per Griffian
    LoveBeanlegendarybullet type 2 ~ Fullbody with theme $10/GC per Griffian (extra $5 for commissions combined together as in to griffians with both theme associations in image)
bulletbead expressions sheet are $2 per expression (extra $2 if you want me to make it transparent for you)
wait list (will always increase the size if needed)
now look at this here Pead conga line
- :iconsaltypepper87:

Paypal ($) or Gold Coin (1 GC = 1$) or Points ( 1$ = 100 Points)
No Refund (Unless i can't make the art, then i'll contact you and refund.)
Fill out form and comment it under the open comment!
I wont start before i have gotten the payment. (With MB i need to see transfer comment before i start.)
Link where you can transfer MB (


*Sead Pack*
10GC/10$/1000Pts (+5 if hard design)
AC Fullbody Art


*Bean Pack*
10GC/10$/1000Pts (+
- :icondulect:
[PEAFARMING]beansplosion commissionsOPEN
USD and GC accepted
These are not supposed to be "high quality"; this is specifically designed for quick, cheap, and easy peafarming for your bean

(1 Griffian currency=$1 USD)

Peafarming rate:
3 peas = $1
that's it. simple and easy : D
HOWEVER YOU CANNOT ORDER MORE THAN 99 PEAS ($33) AT ONCE. This is due to both the new rules and my sanity levels /D
- :iconkinqsized:
$5 Griffian Grabbag CommissionsThese commissions will be drawn to vary degrees of completeness 
Here are examples of what you may get (all commissions will be full body and fully coloured)

To order please comment below with:
- The Griffian 
- Simple personality or planned pose
- Ideas/themes 
I will not take multiple Griffians at once and I will decline almost all event bagbean aside from Maze and a few select other.
I will ALSO accept modmonsters customs as payment
Rules: payment to be sent after completion however you will not get to view the file until payment is sent
If you back out you will be suspended from purchasing from me.
Multiple times backing out for non-valid reasons could lead to a permanent suspension
I will try my best to be flexible to the best of my abilities 
If you want progress shots please include this in your comment.
Progress shots will lead to th
- :iconlyunaire:
Bagbean Commissions [Open]Flash games (play as your Bagbean):


  - Price depends on style of dress up doll you want and how many pieces of clothing you want
  - Dress Up Doll:
     -Chibi style:$10
     -Griff style:$25
     -Repeats:up to 5 free after must pay the price of the first again
     Repeat example: 5 hoodies; in red, green, blue, grey, and pink with purple polkadots
- BeanTale

  -Price varies info here:commision price for beantale games
  -Base Price $40/GC 
 -Bean Catcher 

  - $30/GC 
-Dodge Bean

Icon Sprites:
-Stationary $7/GC
- :iconjessabelleanna:
Griffia Commission InfoEDIT: no longer taking GC! Since my prices are less than a dollar, 1 GC=1 dollar, and there's no way to split GC. 
Redone commission info for Bagbeans !
Please read my terms of service before commissioning:
Commission Terms of Service
And please use the commission widget on my profile to pay!
These ones are Griffa species ONLY! If you'd like me to draw anything non-Griffia related, check out my normal commission info!: Commission Info

Full illustration with painted shading and background.
- :iconsophiesuncatcher:
NEW Griffian Comission Journal [OPEN]I accept USD and GC for all of these options~ <3 My commissions will always be completed in under a week, if there's any delays or I become incredibly busy with college work then I'll always let you know <3 I'm happy to draw any griffians too!
Headshot- $5/5 GC 

Halfbody - $8/8 GC + $3 per additional character 
Fullbody - $13/13 GC + $6 per additional character
Lil Devil by NemesisAirArtIindorm Com [2/3] by NemesisAirArtClyde by NemesisAirArtMacaws being Macaws by NemesisAirArt
- :iconnemesisairart:
Griffian Commissions Journal: OPENSpeech Bubble - Left speaker 1  Hello everyone! Welcome to MoonSelkies' Griffian Commissions Journal!  Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 
Hello! I'm trying to save up money to afford a Bagbean! Just owning
one would be an absolute dream ^0^
Here are my Griffian Commissions, please keep in mind my ToS when commissioning me! :)
I can do art of all griffins!
Thank you for your interest!

EDIT: I now take money beans!
Chibis: $4-5, depending on mutations and complexity

Detailed Full Bodies: $10-14, depending on mutations and complexity
Painted Scenery:
Bust: $18-25, depending on complexity
Full Body: $25-35, de
- :iconmoonselkies:
Griffia Commissions- Emergency Gecko Fund- OPEN
So, I have the chance to get my gecko within the next two weeks- but alas, I don't currently have enough to cover everything OTL So I have a week to save enough for my mum to even consider letting me get him :')

In total, I need about £300. I can cover about £100 of it, but that still leaves me with £200 to find ; n ;  
In $ its about $265. though, if I can raise more than that it would be freaking amazing and so helpful <33

These commissions are griffia related ONLY- 
:iconbagbeans: :iconanubianempire: :iconfluffletales: 
My strongest points are in order; Bagbeans, Fornlees, kryptox, perfaunt ^ ^ 

Paypal only I'm afraid <33
I'd love to accept MB, but they won't pay for my gecko sadly ; ____ ; 
- :iconpumpkabean:
Griffia Commissions ~ Open~Payment required before I start
~Refunds allowed until I start
~I may discount big orders
~Price may increase/decrease with complexity
Peafarming ~ $1/2GC per pea

Icon ~ $2/4GC
Headshot ~ $3/6GC

Lineless ~ $4/8GC

Flat Fullbody ~ $5/10GC

Shaded Fullbody ~ $10/20GC

Painted Drawing ~ $10/20GC
- :iconmoris101:
Griffia Pea FarmingNo longer an emergency! but normal commissions + pea farming can be seen here now!:

So as some of you may know my computer is totally fried... and i want to buy a new one... Sadly to take normal emergency commissions i kinda need a laptop... so all i have are my pens, copics, and scanner. Soooo why not? You'd really be helping me out! 
10 sketches = $5 
20 sketches = $10
30 sketches = $15
so on and so on... 
examples of my farming (they won't be colored in the commissions): 
I can also do full colored traditional drawings which i can mail out:
examples of my serious traditional art (kinda old for first drawings): 

(these are very off in color)

These traditional drawings are very limited and i may reject if a character
- :iconbunbean:
Bagbean/Griffia commissions!!!PayPal only, please. 
Saving up money! 
Also trying to force myself out of art block xD
I CAN ALSO DRAW OTHER GRIFFIA CREATURES! Everything apart from casters!
Lineless - 
offer anything over or £3 
If you want a simple background (like the example) offer over or £4 please!
Normal (shaded) - 
Offer anything over or £3
Shading optional 
Coloured/White border optional 
- :iconwalkinwombat:
Peafarming comissionsThese are for Griffia mains only!
Saving up for a bagbean or griffia creature!
Basic peafarming (20 drawings)- $10
Advanced peafarming(50 drawings)-$20
Deluxe peafarming(100 drawings)-$40
- :iconfarrenseer:
Yes you read it right, Im taking comissions over here, isn't that magical? Well no, actually, but it is for me! Im saving up for three things: A B-Day gift for my mom, a new art kit filled up with paints, colors, pastels and much more and, of course, to reniew the core. Any help you can give me will be appreciated! Besides I feel like practicing lovely Bagbeans! I have been dead in the Community too long due to personal stuff, is time I fill everything with drawings! *u*
Ok, time to get to the juicy part!


Every time I finish a piece an slot will be vacant again until I close comissions, if you want to join in the list just tell me in the comments!


Bagbeans Magic

Its a full body, full
- :iconmoonmochi:
Peafarming CommsPeafarming comms: open

Okay guys so I need some money soo I'm opening up peafarming commissions!!
So it will not be "first come first serve" basis as I will take the people that need more peafarming
So with that said! I will do each dom/sec griffians, bagbeans, toxes, fornlees, perfaunts, etc.
Will be with paypal and or MB's only.
20 Pack: 10$
50 Pack: 25$
100 pack: 45$
Each 100 drawings will be 45$
So in that sense 500 Pack: 225$
Whole shabang Pack (1000 Auto royal) 450$
Payment method: Paypal or MB's
Pack you want:
Griffian you want done: 
- :iconpapplepie:
Tristesse's Siren Songs-PWYW Griffian CommissionsCommissions have been moved! See this journal for Griffian commissions now (since it's a little shorter and is organised differently x'3):

Yes! We are OPEN!
Note: These commissions are for Griffians ONLY!

~ ~ ~
You step into the small seaside parlour. The entire building seems to be made of densely-packed sand, from the supports to the floors. The ceiling is made of driftwood, however, and there's a back counter composed of the same material. Behind the counter sits a sandy-coloured Tox, with striking blue hair. Between his polishing a knife and the garb that he is wearing, you wonder if maybe the items he appears to be selling had been traded for fairly. You become distracted instead with taking in the rest of the scenery. The supports of sand are scalloped with... well, scallops. There are tide pools all along the floor, with little rock formations and creatures inside each one. O
- :iconaryncoryn:
Griffia Commissions OPEN

I accept Payment in EUR via paypal and Gold Coins
1€ = 1  
Looking for a YCH instead? Go here: 

Pixel Art:


Static: 10€ / 10G 
Simple animation: 15€ / 15GC 
Normal Animation without background: 30€ / 30GC 
max. Frame Count 15
Trade Griffsnuff - jumping reed by EarlNoir
Really complex animation (bigger than 15kb): 60€ / 60GC
Frame count: 15-40
Static Pixel Drawings with backgrounds

30€ / 30GC 
Clean Colored Sketch

Without Shading: 15€ / 15GC
- :iconearlnoir:
BagBean Commissions - OPENHello- I've been dead to the bag bean community ;w;
left a while to re think stuff, took to making pony adopts, and went back to public school-
However, I started missing bagbeans~
So, I'm going to try and open up commissions! 

- Bag Bean Examples -

- Prices -
It's pay what you think I earned- 
Min of course is - $3/300pts/3MB's
I'm accepting
*Paypal /Points / Money Beans
- Buying -
If you are considering buying, please note me! We can discuss things there!
- Slots -
I'm only taking a few slots, it will close once they are full, but reopen after wards!
If you happen to miss this, you can still comment on the j
- :iconsoftgorekitten:
Griffian Commisions! CURRENTLY SAVING 
145/100 GC
Decided to revamp my commisions with more information and clearer points! They may be open indefinitely, considering the demand is not high.
Bonus: I will be giving out art and griffian items with claimable comments around my profile aswell, so keep your eyes peeled. They will be active for 24 hours

Things you might wanna know
 Griffians only! I will not be drawing humans! I WILL DRAW FURRY/FERAL STUFF THO BUT THAT NOT FOR THIS JOURNAL SHUSH 
Shading will mostly be soft, but there are other options!
All have the option of being full body, and all will be coloured. If you chose not to have it shaded, you may have up to 3 characters.
I will accept sc/ gc and usd. 1usd = .85 euros so
- :iconbean-apocolypse:
proof of MB is required
No paypal



5 MB

+3 MB
2+ characters interacting
+3 MB
20 slots OPEN [20/20] !
Please do not claim my artwork as your own. Thank you!
- :iconsharppetals:
Griffian CommissionsNo GC at this time, as I'm trying to save up money for supplies for a kitten me and my BF are getting. Every little bit helps, thanks for looking!! <3
Will draw your Griffian for thingies!!! I am confident doing Bagbeans, Kryptox, and Perfaunts. I haven't tried Fornlees yet, but I'd be happy to try :D


(will be shaded!)
- :iconbrytewolf:
Bagbean commissions [open]Slots:
5$ / 500points / 1 month core

normal fullbody:
10$/1000 points per fullbody ( +7$ each new character in composition)

reference sheet:
20$/2000 points / 3 months core +5$ (includes 1 fullbody, 1 headshot, bag and straps, accesories, bag content and all companions)

pea farming:
20 points per fullbody 
taking paypal for orders over 3$

2$/200 points per fullbody

colored and shaded fullbody:
5$ / 500points / 1 month core
- :iconlisande-puredream:
Pea Farming: Open!I'm opening two slots of varying amounts of peas!
They will be uncolored and sketches that follow the rules OwO
Will be done in a timely manner along side my other todoo list items,
For complicated mutations like wings I'll charge extra unless you'd be ok with me doing them without ovo

200= 100$
300= 150$
400= 200$
900= 370$
Comment Below!
- :iconiindorm:
Griffian Commissions [Open]Hello there!
I decided to open up Griffia commissions because why not! Just in case people where interested ^^ 
Bullet; GreenI will draw any Griffian creature (DOMS, SECS, or SUPs)
Bullet; GreenI am currently accepting paypal (USD) or Any of the Griffian Currencies (Money Beans, Sand Dollars and Petal Coins)
Bullet; GreenUnlimited slots (Unless I suddenly get overwhelmed with commissions...which is unlikely) 
Bullet; Green$1 = 1 Griffian Currency  
Bullet; GreenPayment must be made before I start
Bullet; GreenTurn around will always be within 1-3 days (Unless I say otherwise)  
Bullet; GreenPrices may change later once I become more comfortable and confident with my art. But for now, they will stay fairly low. 
- :iconspectradust:
Griffa Sticker commssionsI want to make a page of stickers to print out so I'm doing some of these. I will do any main, semi main, companion etc. 
They will be different prices depending on how early you get them so grab em quick. May open a second set of slots for all one price if these sell when I finish
Slot 1: 5$   CLOSED
Slot 2: 10$ OPEN
Slot 3: 10$ OPEN
Slot 4: 15$  OPEN
Slot 5: 20$ OPEN
MB slots
Slot 1: 40MB (more expensive since I don't like taking them much)
- :iconinfiniteblern:
OPEN GRIFFIA CommissionsThese are just for certain species of Griffia from the Bagbean and related groups! >w<
(for non species related coms check here: OPEN SIMPLE Commissions)
Sorry, I don't have a lot of time to draw but I'm on a deadline to save up some money (~$300) so I am only opening these simple drawings that I can draw in between as stress relief, these won't be first come first serve ;w;
cute little beans everywhere ~
:bulletgreen: Mainly looking to draw: Bagbean, Fornlee, Anubias Caster, Terra-species, Anubias Pixi*
:bulletgreen: You can try: Any not listed species!
- Second character can be added for the same price ~

- No backgrounds, no sketch approval/wips, no refunds! Sorry, these are just quick
- :iconmrsremi:
[COM] Griffian Commissions (CLOSED)EDIT: rip me, these went by quickly LMAO
I also accept CG ($1=1GC) and points ($1=100 :points: ), and I accept mixed payments (GC and paypal combined, GC and points combined)

<5 reactions = $5 each
Set of 5 = $20
> +5 reactions = $4 each additional reaction (for example, 6 reactions = $24 and 8 reactions = $32)

$8 each character

$10 for each character
$35 for a set of 4

Price Range: $15-$50
Got 5 slots open now.

1. Sketchpage (VioletDanka)
2. Sketchpage (aurenbunni)
3. Sketc
- :iconalavar-randomity:
Alex's Griffian Art Shop | closed
Hey! Welcome to my Griffian art shop! Feel free to look around!
Payment Methods


 Gold Coins

 dA Points Points 

a few quick terms of service so we're on the same page!
 I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I think I won't be able to finish it/provide good quality art;
 Always wait for my confirmation before paying;
 You have 24 hours to pay from the moment I confirm your order;
 No refunds (unless I can't finish the commission, in that case I will approach you about it);
 My prices may increase due to complexity! (wings, extra limbs, co
- :iconelisios:
Griffia Creatures commissions!Hey guys! I really enjoy drawing bagbeans, perfaunts, kyrptoxes and what have you, so I thought I'd offer some commissions?
For a limited time I will be accepting MBs and Points AS WELL AS Paypal.
These are not first come, first serve. If I accept your commission then I will do it! I won't take too many that aren't offering USD.
Onto the prices and examples!
I'm up for digital drawings of Griffia creatures.
B+W plus textured shading (no background) will be 15 USD, 15 MB, or 1200 points. Adding another character would be 10 USD, 10 MB, or 800 points.

Full color plus cel-shaded no bg is going to be 20 USD, 20MB, or 1600 points. Adding another character would be 15 USD, 15 MB, or 1200 points

I can also offer to help unofficial redesign/rebase your gri
- :iconsunabuna:
Bagbean and Griffian CommissionsNew!-- I will accept GC/items once in a while, But I use the money I make for commissions to pay for food so I will only be able to take them up to twice a month I have decided ;u;
I wanted to make a separate journal just for Griffian characters so my examples would show them and not just animals~
T.O.S Can be found in my normal commission list
I am keeping 100% open until February. I am trying to save up for food while I am abroad studying!
Currently have plain tickets and places to stay paid for, Just need to save up for food and transportation~
After settling in there I will probably be opening up again in mid march~
Complicated Characters will be +$2-5
Extra characters will be half of the base price (if base price is $10, the extra character would be $5 and the total price would be $15)
Sketch style can be clean or slightly messy--It is my sketch so it will very!
Lined styled is always clean~
For every commission I will send you a sketc
- :iconnevaeh-lee:
The Bow Bakery Commission ShopSpeech Bubble Black Left SideHello! Welcome to the commission shop! Below you can find the options available for commission! Speech Bubble Black Right Side 
Speech Bubble Black Left SideIf the commissions have a symbol next to it, It means that they aren't open! Each commission has 2 reserved spots for when another one is finished. There will be 5 slots per commission Speech Bubble Black Right Side 
- I do not accept refunds once the piece has been started
- I may decline your commission request for any reason (not likely to happen but just in case)
- I will have all commissions complete within a week or two
- I may use any commissioned art for advertising my commissions!
-Payment is required in a 24 hour time period. If you need extended time note me
-only 1 slot per person ( 2 characters per slot)
- Will all be started af
- :iconpastel-bunn:
Griffian Art Commissions OPEN (3/10 slots left)So I'm kinda in a bad financial spot, with $600 debt, broken tablet pen (I'm using borrowed one right now and I'll most likely have to buy new tablet, because mine is 7 years old anyway), randomly freezing laptop and almost completely ruined back (so I can't take more plushie commissions, because I barely can deal with what I'm working on right now). I need to get that $600 this month and right now drawing is my last resort. I don't like to ask for free help, I'm not that kind of person. I would feel really bad if I did that, so I'm offering art commissions (this journal is specifically for Griffia related characters). Also, I really want to draw some Griffia related art. It always cheers me up.
I'm setting my goal at higher amount (because I need money for tablet as well), and I'll be updating it if I manage to get funds from other sources as well.
Goal: $217/$1000

Sketch - $10
- :iconshirothewhitewolf:
Griffian commissions (Open)1GC = $1
I use USD!
Fullbody digital drawing
3GC - 6GC

Fullbody sketch
1GC - 3GC

Commission Slots:
1. Open
2. Open
3. Open
4. Open
- :iconthe-sheamus-mlp:
U Feel Liek Ur Bein Wached
THAT'S RIGHT, FELLAS! I'm selling exquisites and handmaded commissions just for you, your wishes are my commands, please take a look to my deviations or ask me to know more about my works. And remember, this is to pay Temmie college, do it for Temmie... 
-By NOTE on deviantart
(Title of the Note: Your username here + Commission Extravaganza)
-By Comment here or on my profile page
(Title of the Comment: Your username here + Commission Extravaganza)
There are optional add ADMIN!Emoji - :V on the message~
Order form for commissions:
Type of commission:
Payment method: Paypal, Points or Bagbean's currency?
Anything extra?: (Extra can be poses, expressions, your characters personality, specific species things, etc)
Other Importa
- :iconthebagbeangrump:
Griffia Pixel Commissions: OPENExamples: 

First let me tell you, unless you give me a specific time to have these done, these will be done in my own time. I'm going to have them done within the month of December, but these are to help me relax so I can sleep after work. I've been struggling with lack of sleep to the point of feeling sick, and since pixels are relaxing, I'm hoping that helps me. 
Min. USD: 10$ Min. GC: 15 [Cheaper in USD cause I prefer it ♥]
I accept Griffian items, GC, maybe SC
Items I'm looking for:
Bean Key
Enchanted stitch
Shapeshifter potions
Feel free to offer anything!
- :iconkurosuai:
Yes, I'll be taking Griffia commissions now. I've been wanting to do this for awhile actually. I think it'll be fun. I'll update the journal when I add more stuff to it. The rules and info are down here:
-If you want a commission, you have to have the amount of currency/points to get it.
-No begging or guilt tripping.
-Don't set a deadline for the commission.
-Don't rush me.
-I tend to procrastinate a lot, and I have school. So please be patient with me and don't expect a commission to be made right after you pay!
-No NSFW commissions because none of the Griffians have that stuff.
-Gore is allowed, as long as it's not extremely explicit.
-I don't accept real money because I don't have a PayPal D8
-You can even commission a gift for a friend or a random person in the group(s)! Let's spread the love and affection around more!
-Don't claim the art as your own.
- :iconpowerfulgirl10:
Griffian Exclusive CommissionsI've decided to make some commissions that exclusive to Griffian owners
They can be done in Traditional and/or Digital; Please specify when requesting
PEA FARMING: 5GC per Pea/500 Points/$5.00
-Can be in Traditional and Digital
-Colored and Shaded is 5GC/50 Points/$.50 extra
Griffan Sketchpage: 10GC/1,000 Points / $10.00(1 page full)

-Friend Interactions; Gore(regular/pastel/candy/etc.); Humanization is optional
-Can also feature Sprout/Kit/Bow/Pearl versions
-Can be in Traditional and Digital
-Colored and Shaded is 5GC/50 Points/$.50 extra 

Griffian Redesign: 10GC/1,000 Points / $10.00

-for anyone having a hard time connecting with their Griffians
-Comes with optional Color Test add-on
-Can be in Traditional and Digital
- :iconloveshot36:
$5 Griffia Commissions (Open!)Hello all!  I've been having a great time doing gift art of people's Griffians, so I figured I'd open a few cheap commission slots.  I'm going to start with 5 slots, and if they fill up, I'll open more slots when I finish the first 5 commissions.  Just comment or note me if you're interested! OuO  
Basic commissions with a sketchy style, coloring, and shading, like the examples below, are $5:
Commissions with a background or multiple characters, like the examples below, are $7:
 Problem Solver - Elias's Awakening Trial Step 2 by MightyConvoy  Whisper of Moonlight - DTA Entry by MightyConvoy 
1: Open
2: Open
3: Open
4: Open
5: Open
- :iconmightyconvoy:
Bagbean commissions! Buy one get one free!Hey! So I've decided to do a commission deal for Bagbeans
Buy one get one free!
They only catch is it has to be characters from Griffia!
I'm offering
Chibi -
200 :points:/$2.00
Fullbody -
300 :points:/$3.00
Terms, Conditions and Other important information!
Please read through these before making a purchase! I can’t be held responsible if you misread any of them or overlook something!
Terms and Conditions:
   1.       Don’t be offended if I decline your order – I probably feel like I can’t do it justice!
   2.       Please tell me whether you would like a background! And specify what you’d like, for more complicated backgrounds a reference picture would be amazingly useful and much appreciated! :D
   3.       Written descriptions are NOT accepted! All references MUST show the characters clea
- :iconamelie-the-pixie:
Bagbean Fursuit commission?I opened up two fursuit commissions and thought I'd also mention that I would be very willing to do a bagbean!
Theyre my favorite closed species and i've thought that they would make a great fursuit since the beginning. So if anyone in the bagbean community is interested, I'd be in! So i would also like to open a bagbean specific slot! I'm linking the other commission opening because it has all my prices and examples and my examples arent griffia related ;w;
Opening 2 fursuit commissions!
Special things about bagbeans: a lot have really complicated designs and long hair.
They might need simplification so that it doesn't come out looking overcrowded and long hair rarely looks good on a fursuit, so we may need to talk about slight design changes for the purpose of the suit. 
I'm fairly new at making fursuits, all of my examples are in the journal linked above. I've never made a full suit before but I do have it listed as s
- :iconpterrorpterodactyl:
Unofficial Griffian Rebase CommissionsHelp me Save up for my Dream Bean!~
I'm saving up GC to hopefully grab a custom slot next year when customs are opened again for bagbeans!~
If I get over my goal, then hey, maybe I'll be able to snag my first DOM with the excess!~

Goal: 50/100 Smol Currency GC 
What's On Offer:
Unofficial rebases in this style!~
For Griffian characters only.

10-25 Smol Currency GC Depending on Complexity of design and accessories.
Ask for a quote!
The Examples above would be, in order:
10GC, 15GC, 12GC
10 GC, 15GC
Multiple Recolors (For different straps, acceo
- :iconlove4fluffy:
$5/5GC/500 points Bagbean Chibi's$5 or 5 GC or 500 points
I want to prepare for hopefully owning a bagbean in the future ; v ; so there's no better way than trying out drawing some
I don't have many examples but here's what I got bagbean example wise

Will be 200 x 200

I need $60 to get this Relicelk
- :iconfaileh:
Griffia Commissions! [CLOSED | WAITING LIST]Star! Star! Star! Comment here after reading the rules to grab one! Star! Star! Star!

Star! Star!  Got a question? Ask me here! Star! Star! 
- :iconmawbit:
Bagbean and griffia commissions - prices and infosThis is a general price and info list of griffia related commissions I offer.
You can find different type of commissions here and the items can vary from time to time.
If this is open or not, will be shown in separated journals which show linked infos to here.
So, when you do not want to miss a slot, you should watch me ;)
But whenever they are closed or open, you still can comment here and ask. I don´t get mad at anyone, I just will respond and say if it is open or not, at this time when you ask :)
Payments: points, paypal, griffia currency and griffia item exchange 100 points = 1US$ = 1GC/1SC
This are my services:
Nostalgic icons Fullbody: 800 points/8US$

has this used look, is quite big, with shading
Individual pixel icon: 400 points/4US$

Every icon is different,
- :iconstanhoneythief:
GRIFFIAN COMMISSIONS JOURNAL [OPEN]Okay so my commissions work a bit different from some! I take unlimited slots but you don't pay until I reach your slot-- if you do not have the money immediately your commission will be cancelled. This is so if something happens and I am unable to continue doing commissions I don't have a to-do list!
This also means I will not reply to you until I reach your spot, unless you ask for an estimate so you know how much you're going to need!
PayPal bullet Smol Currency SC Smol Currency GC 
(I'll also do trades with mutuals and mods, depending on the circumstances! 
Mods do however get a discount on USD purchases, and are exempt from the 1.5x GC/SC rule!)
I take griffian currency on a 1.5x level-- so for instance, a $10 commission would be 15 GC. This rate will never go higher than this, but may go lower depending on the situation at the time. 
The commissions I can of
- :iconshoucchin:
Pea farm! [OPEN][Edited 1/13/18 - Prices changed]
Thank you for being interested in my pea farming for Bagbeans !
I've never really done this before but this seems super fun! ^u^ I'm hoping this will be a way to earn my first bean! Anyway, here's my prices!
Any questions, please message me on dA or discord! <3

Sketch peas!
5 drawings = 3 GC/USD
10 drawings = 6 GC/USD
15 drawings = 9 GC/USD
ETC. . .
Colored peas!
5 drawings = 5 GC/USD
10 drawings = 10 GC/USD
15 drawings = 15 GC/USD
ETC. . .
Colored + Shaded peas!
5 drawings = 7 GC/USD
10 drawings = 14 GC/USD
15 drawings = 21 GC/USD
ETC. . .
* To add in a companion, ask! May go up in price but not by much! <3


Option: (Sketch, colored, colored + shading)
Total price:
1. Pompabeans
2. EarlNoir
3. ZenniLynn :th
- :iconprincepun:
Pea Farming Commissions!! OPENHello! I've decided to take pea farming commissions to get better at quickly drawing Griffians as well as getting some money to eventually get a Bagbean!
Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
They are gonna be super cheap!

$1 per 2 peas (two sketch drawings)
20 is $10
40 is $20
*Price may depend slightly upon complexity of Griffian*
I accept USD OR GC!! (Remember $1 USD = 1 GC)
For .25 more per drawing, I will color them!
This does not add to the pea count but looks nicer and if you are buying them for a gift it may be nicer ovo
If you are paying with GC and would like colored drawings- ordering them in multiples of 8 will make sure the amounts will remain even (Tip by Toshiful !)
Max amount at a time is 10 sketches on a page, so if you want.. 100... that's 10 pages of 10 posted at different times.
BUT for an Auto Royal (1000 sketches!!) it'll only be $400!
-Form to fill out-
Payment method (paypal or GC):
How many you wan
- :iconxophair:
Griffia commissions?Good [time of day in your current location] ! I gave it some thought and I decided to open up some griffia art commissions! I'm up for any griffian from fornlee to ealeg! I'm only doing gc comms though for now, and have no set rate yet. +1 bean adds 10 gc. Backgrounds for now are only transparent and a circle background shown in the first two of the lineart, colored, and smooth shaded images.
[If you rather save GC, you can exchange 1 item in place for gc if you plan on ordering multiple pictures.]
1 person may take up to 2 slots! :>
Limited slots:
1- EarlNoir
<10> Lineart+ flat colors:
<15> Lineart+color+cell shading:
<20> Lineart+color+ smooth shading:
- :iconsunnybea:
Bagbean commissions ((OPEN))I decided to open up commissions! Ill be starting off with only 1 but if I get more people ill higher it up slowly. Ill draw any kind of species that relates to bagbean's. If the design is too complex, I may decline ):

- :iconsugarcandyy:
|| Rules ||


- You may not claim my artwork as yours
- Do not rush me to finish your commission
- You pay after I have finished your commission and tell you to send payment.
I don't want to deal with owed art.
- These will be GC and Paypal
- First come, First serve


|| Fullbody ||
17GC / $17.50 USD



|| Halfbody/Bust ||
10GC / $10.50 USD


- :iconcasuallyfalls:
Mazetti's Book store (Griffia Commissions)-OPEN
Art up here by the amazing Fuzzy-Draws-BBs
This is an unofficial shop! 
Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1Hope you love reading? Welcome to my book store! If you need help ask me or my co-worker HereSpeech Bubble - Left speaker 2  
Speech Bubble - Right speaker 1I'm here to help!Speech Bubble - Right speaker 2
Slow Down! Take your time to decide!
We have a lot of nice books, Check them all out! 
Comment here to order a book
Here's the currency I'm accepting
1 = 1 GC or 100 points
If your poor I might except beans, according to what 
Here some pictures of my previous customers and me myself <3
- :iconpatrick-clouds:
Open for Commisions! Griffa Species onlyCheck it out here below (i made a deviatation for it instead if just making a journal.... forgot bout being able to insert images in journals.... woops....)
- :iconbluekittieartstuffs:
[Griffia Only]Sprout self's commissions - OpenOpening some commissions, since a lot of people like them ;v;
You must be a member of :iconbagbeans:
Don't claim a slot if you can't pay
I won't except $/£ or euros
 This is not a free bagbean thing! this is just the sprout self's of existing Bagbeans! so you cannot use it to make a bagbean!
Mazes are also a loud 
Payment I except
20 GC (these are hard to make)
GCC (only closed co-creatures)
Art (only as add on)
Sec griffians
1 Starbean
Examples of what I'm offering

5 slots for now, might open more
1. Anivielle 
- :iconpatrick-clouds:
[Griffia] [OPEN] CommissionsOPEN - Peafarming (1GC=5peas), Pixels, Illustrations, Lineart, Sketchpage, Watercolors
I do take Griffia items, GCC, etc as payment! Feel free to offer ^^
Comment below or note me (either account) to order!
The addition of a background makes the commission count as two slots for any type of commission!
Pixels [3/3 Open]
Subtle style shading or sparkling style shading (sparking samples soon)
Large (250x250 - 300x300+)

8 USD | 8 GC | 800 :points:
Medium (100x100 - 200x200)
5 USD | 5 GC | 500 :points:
Icon (50x50)
3 USD | 3 GC | 300 :points:
Simple animations are free! ie. blinking, hovering, hair flowing
Simple Style [3/3 Open]
Linework, flat colored or painted
Type 1: Lined -
3 USD | 3 GC | 300 :points: Sketch
5 USD | 5 GC | 500 :points: Flats
8 USD | 8 GC | 800 :points: Shaded
Type 2: Painted -
- :iconlucent-fantasy:
no examples
5 GC
Add shading + 5 GC
no examples
10 GC
Add shading + 5 GC

15 GC
Add shading + 5 GC

15 GC
Free shading
No examples
25 GC
Free shading
Pixel icon

10 GC
Free shading
- :icondoodlespearmint:
YBH OPEN 5/5Your Bean here for 1000 points!

Will be similar to my mambo magical girl piece! can be transformed into a magical girl if wanted!!!
- :iconchildofzephyr:
Traditional commissions (OPEN)Hey I want to save up some GC so I could possibly get a Myca bb custom so I'm going to do some cheap commissions. Nothing much just some traditional doodles and they won't be colored. (I'll add some examples whenever I can)
They only cost 5GC
I'll only be accepting GC
I'll take 5 at a time and I'll get them done when I can
I'll do these at least until I get 200GC, but I'll hopefully still do them afterwards
- :iconkittyqueen9:
Griffian Pea Farming [closed for renovations]Gonna be doing some pea farming over the next few days so thought I'd open this up! Been wanting to do more of these ever since I started.
journal / prices / examples are subject to change! 
I have every right to decline your commission if I feel I need to. I don't want to give myself work that I cannot finish.
my slots are FCFS unless I decline your character because it is too complex! 

EXAMPLES: (will add more as I complete them!)

$5 = 20 sketches (as pictured above)
$10 = 50 sketches (NOT AVAILABLE)
price is subject to change based on the complexity of the character!

Deviantart Name:
Character Species: 
(know that I will decline certain species!)
Link to Masterlist:
Current Design(if there is a new one, optional):
Extra Information
 (non-optional accessories, design details not shown in the ref provided, etc.):
opening 5 slots! Test
- :icontraditionalbelle:
[Open] Griffa Commissions!Hellos there! >u<
Llama Emoji 28 (Delicious) [V2] 
Post your orders angle bracket r here. (If it is a surprise for somebody, feel free to note me instead.)
Post questions angle bracket r here!
While i do draw humans / other species comms, this journal is for Griffa-related content only!
From time to time, i might accept item payments / offer different styles etc.
Latest Update :
Offering peafarming + colored peafarming!
Accepting these items too! (I only need the amount stated.)
x3 x1 x1 x1
 x1  x1x1
- :iconitadakii:
[Open] - Griffia Commissions
New New New  added the approximate Dollar-prices!
Because I plan to move in a few month i want to take some commissions to save up for new furniture, kitchen, paint etc. I already have some funds, but you never know what could happen, so a little bit extra can't hurt x3

I am taking commissions for all Griffia species!

PayPal only, because of the reason above!
All prices in Euros!
Bullet; Green 1. Chibi
a. shaded - 18 EUR ~ 22$

b. flat - 15 EUR ~ 18$

per character
Complex design + 2 EUR ~ 2,50$

Bullet; Green 2. Unofficial rebase ("official style")

a. shaded - 30 EUR ~ 36$
- :iconnerventee:
(OPEN) Griffian Only Commissions

All DOMs and SECs welcome
$1 = 1GC = 1SC = 100pts
Mazes get drawn free(unless lineless form is wanted):
Griffia Fun: Let me draw your a-Maze-ing variant
Lineless - $20 (animation per request, 2-5 frames)
Mazi-animated - Limeade
Groups - flat colored - $10 without bg - $15 with bg:

Single character - Flat colored - $5
Super Scout Flats by Tenshi-no-KonekoCome at me by Tenshi-no-KonekoIso Bast by Tenshi-no-Koneko
- :icontenshi-no-koneko:
Emergency Griffia Coms - $2200/$4383EDIT;;
Got access to my Thrivent financial stuff thanks to my parents //small relief
but i've still got about another $2200 left but i can relax a bit
Dad should be able to chip off more when tax returns happen but im gonna keep chipping away too
just less....panicked
I need to make $4500 (or at the least half of that) to pay for my University tuition
Nub cheebs will cost $5 each
I would offer more types of coms if i had any more free time but i frankly i have minimal right now due to what im doing in school.
Nub cheebs look like this
I will do any species
If you need proof of the amount
I will gladly provide it.
- :icongrimmtail:
[BAGBEANS] ICON COMMISSIONS:iconbagbeans:  :iconbagbeans:  :iconbagbeans:
HELLO ALL! I'm now opening up commissions for some Animated Icons exclusively for Bagbeans/Griffia species, and everything in between. I'm hoping to get enough funds raised to be able to buy a Bagbean of my own, or simply to pay for college funds and all that expensive school cost stuff. 
If you can't pay for an icon, a Signal boost is ALWAYS appreciated! Thank you!
Here's an idea of what a Bagbean Icon will look like!

And here's how it looks condensed to dA icon format:

Not only that, but they can come in any other assortment of expressions, whatever you see fits your own bagbean personally!
(I will post additional examples once they are finished. If you would like other examples of NON BAGBEAN icons just for reference of animations, check them out here!: https:
- :iconterastrial-sprout:
Seyeba's Griffian Commissions 2018 [Open]:la: welcome to my new commissions sheet! I'd like to save up so i can buy myself art supplies when i need them this year for College as well as food in case i ever don't have any, and also so i can occasionally buy myself a griffian adopt/custom/official rebase :'3
Please note!
Bullet Green These are for Griffians only (though if you'd like a commission from here for a non-griffian, please note me!)
Bullet Green I accept Paypal and Gold Coins; you can ask about other currencies (ie. Silver Coins)/offering designs but PP and GC are the main things i accept. ($1 = 1 GC)
Bullet Green When paying with Paypal please make sure you send it through goods and services, do not include a shipping address, and send it as USD (United States Dollars) and make sure i receive it as USD so there's no conversion hopefully. 
- :iconseyeba:
OTA Griffia Pea Farming ~Open~Need things to do while I'm on holiday so I'm opening up some Pea Farming!
I will accept
1. GC/SC ****
2. Points ***
3. USD ***
4. Items ***
5. Characters **
6. Art? *
Note that if you offer characters or art I will be slightly picky
Also I am currently looking for a Treasure Bean! So Treasure Beans and Bean Keys are high up on my wanted Items list~
Please fill out this form
What you are offering: (Please include amount)
How many peas you would like to get: (I will not always follow what you write here)
What kind of art would you like to be done: (Sketch, Colored, Shaded, etc.)
Please link the transfer comment after I have accepted
I may open up more if I finish these really quickly or if I get more offers
Have a good day!
~ lilybreeze467564
- :iconlilybreeze467564:
:thumb726978899: - :iconciel-icious:
2018 Griffian Art CommissionsAll art will include shading UNLESS you specify beforehand that you do not want shading (EXCLUDING Teenies)!!
*Wings and extreme character complexity will be a $5 flat add on
*Payment must be paid fully within 5 hours of me responding to your request
*Paypal USD only with the exception of 1 GC slot per month (FCFS no holds)
*$1 = 2GC
Price range: $5-$10
-Single or couple
-Simplified as needed

Price range: $10 - $15
-Single character (simple items/accessories free of charge)
-Prices vary based on character complexity
Ref Sheets
Price range: $25-$35
-Single character
- Bag + choice of 3 chibi headshot expressions or 1 detailed expression bust
-Prices vary based on character complexity
- :iconwednesdayss:
(3/3 open) Griffia Commissions for LaptopSo, this laptop, it's 2 years old, come May, and it's starting to give out on me. I would love to get a new one, one that i can stream on, can play Sims 4 on (some of the expansion packs crash the game on this laptop), and comfortably use my drawing software and other software. This laptop is legit falling apart and chipping away at the edges, mainly because i travel almost everywhere with it, but it's always in a case. 

I am looking at this laptop here:
Which is $510 PLUS a 3 year warranty, which is another $90, cause, boy do i need that!

I just filed my taxes, and I am only getting $120 back this year, but all of that will go to my laptop funds!
I ALSO plan to save $50 back every week from my paychecks!
I will add a progress of the funds I have:

(Not including tax refund! going to wait until i actually have the money to add it in)
Remaining amount ne
- :iconponyoftardis:
Griffian Commissions (OPEN)Hello! Today i will be opening commission slots for pixels (griffians only) and in the future possibly non pixels
prices and examples
5gc or 50 points for an icon like so

10gc points or 60 points for a simple pixel like this (shading, one character)

and 15gc or 80 points for a complex one like this
(multiple characters and shading)

Pea Farming
2GC Per drawing
1. OPEN (points
2. OPEN (GC)
3. OPEN (GC)
- :icondailydaydreams:
Griffian ComsI can only accept usd, points, and GC!
I prefer all payment up front, but I can easily do half price holds/deposits for slots! Just let me know!
As a general rule of thumb, more vector lines than colors is usually a cheaper cost, keep that in mind when thinking about prices for animated coms! ALL Griffians accepted for digital coms, certain griffians are impossible to sculpt so just ask if interested 
Expression Sheets!

-1$, 100 points, or 2 gc per expression! 
These come in 150 x 150 ratio per headshot, slots are PER SHEET not per headshot <3
Please specify if you would like COLORED or SOLID BLACK lineart with your order! Also please mention what expressions you would like, or at least some expressions you would like!
Animated Headshots!

- $2, 200 points, or 4 gc base, price can go up by 3$ or 6 gc due to comple
- :iconsupaeevee:
Griffian Mains YCH - CouplesStill saving up for customs to get the griffians on my checklist, so here are a few more YCH commissions to help get what I need! I'll open six slots this time since there will be a whole month to work with, and I'll finish them in the order I receive them. You may choose any of the bases you wish, even one that has been previously used, if you don't mind it not being worth peas.
I can't take points unfortunately since I can't use them for customs. But I CAN take GC, or USD at a 1:1 ratio.
Prices will be according to the base chosen and listed below each example. Very complex designs may be simplified somewhat to get them to fit, but I'll attempt to preserve as much detail as possible. Fornlee, Bagbeans, Kryptox and Perfaunts will all work for these. Species can be mixed and matched of course.
#2 - Surprise Kiss

Price: 12$/GC
Partners' size difference: Same size
Notes: Size difference can't b
- :iconascynd:
(Griffia) GC/$ CommissionsI will draw any Griffian, DOM, SEC and anything else Griffia related! 1GC= 1$
Flat Color= 15 GC/$
Color with Shading= 20 GC/$
Realistic= 40 GC/$
- :iconmyoaugust:
Peafarming!I'll peafarm for anyone, as many peas as you want! Comment your offers below :> - :iconarmitage-hux:
[Griffia Only]Pixel Commissions + YCHs - OPENI wanna collect for a new recruit for my tiny trouble team.
First, meet the team ^^
Tara - The Leader

Penny - The cute sidekick

Now all I need is a 3rd companion. Who would be like their ride/the horse.
I need GC to collect for a companion. Plus I also want another MM to be the brains of the team.
So my GC Goal is: 70 GC for a MM Balk and a Magneroo since those are what I'd like.
I'll be offering Pixel art for GC so I would have enough for some companions ^^
Let's get started, here's what I'm offering:
Headshot Icons
Animation varies according to how difficult you bean design is
Price: 15 GC (they take long to make)
Fullbody Icons
Animation + 5 GC
Price: 10 GC
Mini P
- :iconpatrick-clouds:
Griffian Commissions [Open, GC Accepted!]The following information is exclusive to Griffian characters & species!
I'm now offering commissions specifically for the Griffian groups Bagbeans , AnubianEmpire , and FluffleTales ! I'm currently only offering single character shaded fullbodies & the occasional YCH! Each character will take up one slot and payment is due before I begin (when paying with GC, the comment to transfer GC will count as completed payment)!
Prices listed are the base price and will rise if the character is particularly complicated. You're free to ask for a price quote without committing though! Active YCHs are a flat rate, however, regardless of character complexity!
Lineless Full Body: $20/2,000 Points/20 GC

Current YCH: $15/1,500 Points/15 GC

4. (YCH Slot
- :icongalacticpink:
TEMP CLOSED- (Peafarming) Split Pea Farm
Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1Hiya! My name's Cole, and this is the journal for pea farming commissions!Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2  
this is a work in progress, but you can go ahead and commission me if you like! I'm hoping to save up to get my very own Bagbean custom, so I figured why not start right away> >w<

left: only lineart
middle: lineart + color
right: lineart + color + shading

Money Bean Smol10 fullbody/10 peas
Money Bean Smol5 GC/SC
Money Bean Smol300 points
Money Bean Smol$3.00
Money Bean Smolcomplexity = +2-3 GC/SC, +200-400 point
- :iconlyrakat:


Reply with your active request to this comment - >…
Please remember to ping voxame when your journal is no longer active. If your journal is removed or is listed as closed, it will be removed automatically.
Bagbean/Griffia Requests [Always Open]I wanna learn how to draw beans and other griffian species better
I'm not sure what you'll get, it may be a sketch, a chibi, a pixel piece who knows! :la:
I'll pick and choose which ones catch my eye * w * <3
Just post them below!
- :iconcherri-crimzon:
Free bagbean sketchesI want to draw some beans to get me some peanuts to maybe get in on the sweet sweet bagbean action.
I will be making sketchy drawings, no colour, fullbodies to save time and energy. 
I will only do 2 drawings for free, if you want more I will charge 1$ or one money bean per sketch.
This is two per person, I'm only offering a paid version just in case someone wants a bunch off doodles for peas so their bagbean can go up some social status.
comment a ref, I'll be doing freebies in my spare time also if I want to cancel or stop on freebies don't be a butt about it, this is free and if I can't do it for whatever reason I am allowed to cancel.
& Free pea farmingI want to get several star beans and I need 1000+ peanuts to get them so I guess I'll do some free mass sketching.
Note if the character is complicated I may only draw them once. Note because this is free I will pick and choose how many I do, because of this you are not guaranteed a full 1000 sketches. I'm sorry if this sounds rude but if I don't have time or energy for this I will cancel because of the nature of it.
If you really want to guarantee me doing it you can pay for a sheet of 10 sketches for 5$. I will do a bunch for free this is just if you want to guarantee me doing the exact amount you want.
Please give me a clear reference, preferably without shading.
- :iconinfiniteblern:
Bagbean Comic Casting!Hiya there guys!!
I'm officially starting the sketches for the first 5 pages of my Bagbean Adventure Comic! There are a few Griffian characters I would like to feature and will be contacting them in the next couple weeks.
Of course I myself do not own enough Griffians to cast a whole comic series! So I'm asking for YOUR GRIFFIAN TO BE IN MY COMIC!!
Here's what you need to do:
-Own any kind of Griffian character
-Look at what category you think your Griffian character could fit into
-Reply with their reference, occupation, where they live and (up to) 30 word description of the character!
The Categories are:
* Adventuring Characters:
- Explorers
- Questers
- Treasure Seeker
- Archeologists 
* Pirate Characters:
- Pi

Barney here is running his very own 'Hot Dog' cart! Feel free to come and buy a hot dog at any time of the day. Want to know why they taste so good? That's because 100% of the profits go to charities around Griffia!!

1 Hot Dog = 1 GC
What is the donation cart?
The donation cart is where you can donate Griffian currency by buying hot dogs from Barney's stand! These donations will go to a member of the community who is a FTGO, meaning they have not yet owned their first main Griffian (Bagbeans, Kryptoxes, Perfaunts & Fornlees) to help afford flat sales. Barney will sell hot dogs all month and then at the end of that month, he will give all his profits to a member of the commu
- :iconcaldercloud:
Bagbean Request [Open forever]So yeah Like the Theme say i would Love to do some doddles or sketches for some bagbeans im quiet bored and i want something to so so i Open some Request
I want to learn them to Draw Most the Anatomy in different poses.. 
please only bagbeans
will look like this:
- :iconharukithewolf:
Bagbean Animation Project (Link your bean!)EDIT: Im not sure what section to put this in since the regular Journal option is gone so i did bb memes.....?
Im planning on taking animation classes and learning to draw with my wacom tablet better so im planning a fairly large project. 
I love to story write and I feel like this community is perfect for this idea! I will be animating a bagbean "anime" intro (only reason i say anime is because the song i am going to use is in japanese) and i want some bagbeans to be in it! 
Basically this crew of bagbeans would be in this storyline im writing for the opening.
NOTE: Your bagbeans personal storyline does not need to change. This is completely seperate from official griffa information other than how the oand works and flora and fauna so dont be afraid to enter your bb!
-You must be ok with simplifying (easier to animate)
-I will pick less complex bagbeans over mroe complex ones! Keep that in mind!
-You can enter sprout forms of your characters!
-No co creatures (yet)
- :icondenpun:
bagbean requests [open]i'll open this every 2 days.
i want to draw and be active in the group even if i don't have a bagbean.
please leave your bagbean reference in the comments and i'll draw something of them.
if the bagbean is too complex for me to draw i'll simplify it...
thank you
- :iconsoftbean:
OPEN - Taking Main Griffian Requests!Note: I can't guarantee I'll be able to draw everyone who asks for a request, but I'll definitely try to get to all of them at least at some point! :D
Note 2: This is for main griffians ONLY! (Kryptoxes, Bagbeans, Perfaunts, and Fornlees.) 
I will not be taking other requests at this time, sorry! ;v;
I also can't guarantee what I'll do, exactly, with drawing them-- but I'll try to put as much effort as I can into each one! Whether it's digital or traditional art, I'll try my best! <3
So just leave a comment below with your griffian-- I'll draw toxes, beans, faunts, and lees-- I'll try the new species griff is releasing around this time, too, if you request it! ^^
Just leave their name, current/applicable reference sheet, and maybe a basic personality in your comment. x3 I'd be more inclined to draw darker ones (only because I like drawing dark/sad/angry stuff best), but I'm willing to give other characters a go, of course!
Also let me know if you'd possibly like what I draw shi
- :iconaryncoryn:
Griffia sprite requests [OPEN]
ughh I'm so sad that I missed the deadline for the DTR by just that much, they were gonna be a gift to a friend if by some chance I had won. at least I got to practice doing smaller sprites again! I hope the winner likes the drawings I did too. getting the first and most recent Panic! albums today makes me feel a bit better so? aah idk I'm gonna listen to Panic! and pixel some random beans to help cheer myself up!! throw all the beans at me my dudes >8O
sprites aren't difficult for me/don't at all take long to do but I've got some other owed stuff to do first before doing these requests.
before commenting, copy paste and fill out this form;
> Griffia reference:
> requested pose, expression,
and/or prop (example; holding waffles):
> animation yes/no:
- :iconshoutdanny:
Taking BB/griffian/Co-creature requests! (OPEN)So many BBs to draw I just can't pick one >~< even for a snych like me sooooo TIME FOR REQUESTS! (BBs, Kryptoxs, Perfaunts, Fornlees, even Snyches count!)
Current requests:
1. Duffiebutt - Done - Vlad
2. Suuchann - Done - Tilina
3. Experimentor-Iblis - Done - Pugs and Kryptoxs
4. Tenshi-no-Koneko - Done - Mazikeen
5. Faky-bean - Done - 
- :iconfuzzy-draws-bbs:
Looking for modelsI'm looking for any kind of Griffia/Capria/Fluffia world creatures to model. I am a 3D modeling student (on summer break) and recently found this species. They fascinate me greatly and so I'm going to ask... would anyone be interested in having their little baby modeled into a 3D creation? Which I will post here on DA and give you WIPs (if asked).
Looking for:
Arrow left Fronlees
Arrow left Anubias
Arrow left Perfaunts
Arrow left Guardians
Arrow left Kryptox
Arrow left Gem Hoppers
Arrow left Bavom
Arrow left Possible Companion species
Completed Species:
tick Bagbeans
- :iconshinobi-kitty:
Free Bagbean requests (open)Hey dude's,
*Gosh, I am in a fever right now! I want to draw more so I take requests at the time
(means you get a free drawing from me and you don't have to do something in return x'DD).

It will be a transparent image like that, example:

If you like, you can order a drawing together with my bagbean. Simply whatever you want. <-- (But must have to do with Bagbeans x'D)
I give 10 slots out! It can take some time until I have finished all of them.
First come first serve principle! comment to claim !
- :iconcattweasel:
Show Me Your BagbeansI want to practice drawing Bagbeans
so just link them and you may possibly get free art??
No Promises tho!! ;; I do Have commissions and stuff I need to work on first and foremost 
- :iconstar-nerd:
Griffian Requests!kaomoji set 2 28/67 
Hi everyone! I want to make a little journal to take some requests! This journal will never close, but I cannot guarantee that I will do everyone here! I'll try to do the best I can! I'll do these when I have freetime / bored / or during streams. I'd like to give back to the community as much as possible! I'll do either cheebs, icons, pixels, or full drawings! :D
 This journal is for GRIFFIAN CHARACTERS ONLY. 
I will only accept characters from the Bagbean, Fluffletales, and Anubian Empire. 
I ask that if you want a request, please reply to the highlighted comment and fill out this form:
Extra Information: 
Thanks so much! 
If you do actually want my art and would like to support me, please check out my commi
- :iconbunbean:
Bagbean/Griffia requests [Always open!]✦ Hi! I'm opening up bagbean/griffia co-creatures request journal. ✦
Please follow the guidelines/rules before posting anything, I promise it isn't long ♥
- You can post all, or a few of your griffia characters.
- Please tag three friends!
- This is not first come first serve, nothing is guaranteed.
- I will pick whichever ones i feel will challenge me, fit my style, or are just cute!
- Please do not be upset if I do not pick your creature, this is free and art is a luxury.
- The outcome could be anything! Icons, sketches, chibis, etc!
you can check my main acc for art examples but there's nothing much bb related //w\\
✦ Please try not to spam! if you get more creatures you want to add later, please reply to your comment! I will see it. ✦
- :iconricemittens:
Bagbean Requests! [OPEN]MMMM I just love drawing Bagbeans so much ;w; and since I certainly haven't drawn enough of my own bean (hint hint IM LYING IVE DRAWN HER TOO MUCH) I wanted to draw some other ones! A way of (re-)introducing myself to the community and getting myself acquainted with others in the community! ^^
However, because I want to "reward" those who have given the love and attention to their bean, there are rules!
okay well "rules" there's like two
> All art will be done traditionally; uncolored, chibi sketches just to keep myself busy!
> I can decline any bean if I choose! Some beans are just a bit too detailed for me to draw properly, and I don't want to promise a drawing and then give a crappy result because I couldn't click with the design!
> ** All beans requested MUST have their Identity Trial finished! ** This is to prove that you love your bean and have given at least a little attention to them! (other "substitues" for an identity trial can include your bean
- :icontraditionalbelle:
Welcome to The Crystaline BoutiqueYou stumble across a extravagant chinese lantern adorned shop within the Citrine Spire.  The shop is gigantic compared to the shops surrounding it on the outskirts of the city.  The giant stained glass decorated front greets you as you saunter up to the door which seems to be for smaller Caprian residences then the normal Guardians that inhabit the spire.  Mannequins sit in the window sill dressed in various outfits in several different sizes.  As you get drawn in by the mildly sweet scent of incense. You look up as the towering ceiling which holds a giant golden chandelier encrusted with gems. As your sight leaves the ceiling it lands on a medium sized Asiatic Guardian that is organizing outfits that others had tried on previously.  The door chimes behind you softly as it shuts behind you.  the guardian's eyes shoot towards the door and she smiles in a sincere almost like she expected you to come manner.

"Salutations w
- :iconobsidian-bubble:
Free Bagbean Requests!I'm in the mood to draw some bagbeans ouo
They will be lined and colored! Depending on how much I get done, some may not get done today. Comment your bean's ref and anything else you want me to do with it <3
1. Duffiebutt
2. VioletDanka-n-Silly
3. Koffii-Kiitty
5. lo-fi
6. puffrisk
7. Cherri-Crimzon
8. Loveshot36
9. Saltypepper87
10. J--Bird
11. FuyonaBeanie 
12. silent-ebb
13. mimiccry
14. Sylveon17
- :iconcrystaltide:
Griffian Sketch RequestsSince I have little to no freetime anymore, why not make a requests journal to fill in that tiny gap in my life XD
I want to be more active in the community, and im getting a little tired of just using a RNG to pick who im gonna do art for, so might as well compile a list here! I am (probably) able to draw any griffian creatures, so please feel free to drop any of them by! I love doing bagbean gifts, but i do enjoy sketching a gryphon or pixi now and then XD
If you want me to draw one of your griffians, all I need is a current/updated reference of them in the comments. You can also give a little info if you want so i can have an idea for a pose for them. I probably wont get to them all, or if so it will take a lot of time to get through, but whenever i get to them ill make sure to mention you/reply to your comment with the drawing ^-^
Finished Requests:
- :iconpixel-bean:
Bagbean Sketch Sheet RequestsI'm open for taking requests for sketch sheets. They'll turn out a bit like these.
Bullet; Blue They'll 4-6 per sheet unless your bean is really complex
Bullet; Blue I'll be doing them digitally or traditionally it just depends how I'm feeling
Bullet; Blue These are requests so they may take some time and I might not get to your bean
Just leave a ref of your bean below!
- :iconsilent-ebb:
Bagbean Requests?:iconbagbeans:
I want to become a more productive member of the Bagbean Community, so I'll open up requests for Bagbeans. Plus this will help me out with Bagbean anatomy.
These will be Traditional and colored in Color Pencil.
I'll take 5 slots for now. If this becomes popular, I'll add more slots.
- :iconloveshot36:
Griffian requests! (OPEN! :D)Yoooooooo guys im bored so why not some kewl REQUESTS
Any griffian is fine 
Just comment with yee griffians and im maybe gonna draw em
- :icondoodlespearmint:
:thumb709688011: - :icondaspuschel:
Bagbean wood burning requestsHey guys I have recently become interested in wood burning just as a hobby I tried it for the CTA with no luck however I had fun doing it and if anyone is interested in having they bag bean be wood burned I can do that Please note that this is FREE and that is why I can't ship anything I make I don't expect you to pay me anything but due do the large amount of peole who have asked me for bag bean requests in the past ( which I need to work on to ) I will be prioritizing mods because of all the great things they do for the community..and heads up all bugbears will be in the same piece of art! Keep in mind that this is a 4-5 feet long piece of wood so it might take awhile!

Any mod that comments on the first day get a slot!
Open slots
- :iconmountwhitney:
Griffia Fun: Let me draw your a-Maze-ing variantI was gonna wait until I finished owed artwork, but I actually found myself being resistant to that, so to break up the owed stuff, I'd love to doodle your Maze variant. Just drop them off in the proper comment below and I'll doodle them when I can. Since this is a free request journal, I won't be rushing thru everything, so be patient. Galaxy Heart Bullet 
Check out Patrick-Clouds Maze Art Journal :3 .:Might draw your Maze Variant with mine:.
- :icontenshi-no-koneko:
lf griffia (to draw)edit: changed it to any griffia creatures! so long as i can get a peanut for drawin it feel free to post below!!

post ur bbs that youre ok w/ me drawing!!
i want to earn the dosh for them hollow beans


ill get to drawin them during down time from now until a year has passed!
(if bbs listed here change owners i wont draw them!!)
please PLEASE post ur bbs tracker and/or bb master list link and if there are any updates to their design!!!! i want to be accurate and if i have to juggle links outside of ur comment just to make gift art ill just hide ur comment ;; v;;
- :iconcoconutmeat:
:thumb714881769: - :iconll-fenix-ll:
Griffia Expression Meme Requests OPENNote: This jorunal is specifically for Griffia only. I might make a journal for general characters and other stuff in the future though.
These will be open for awhile, so don't worry about being late. 8D
I'm gonna be taking requests for Griffian expression challenges, so they'll be free of course. Just comment below with the letter and number you want them to express, and the Griffian you want me to draw. It can be any Griffian. NPCs count for this. Then I'll draw a bust shot of that character making that face expression. (Ex: C2 Queen Pisum) I want to draw that so bad now :3 You can post as many characters as you want.
Here are the expressions I'm talking about, which were made by MeowTownPolice (and are free to use)

Have fun requesting these! Of course you can make your own since these are free to use. XD I'm gonna have fun drawing them. ;3
- :iconpowerfulgirl10:
Beans in Space

TL: DR; I will draw your griffian in space using bold colours.
⋆★Beans in Space★⋆

Hello! I bring you a self-satisfaction BB request journal!
I know beans probably don't have the technology to explore space, but maybe they could use magic...? Anyhow, I really wanted to draw some beans floating in space with stars and planets and some form of helmet with those bright, bold coloured pens that I really don't get to use often! So... Here I go. The theme will match the picture above!
I respect quality over quantity, but I will likely (slowly) draw most of the beans commented on here! So infinite slots!!!

Only Griffian DOMs with (any) tail/wing mutation or stars somewhere on them(incl. accesories, star eye shape mutation, and celestial beanotype) are allowed!
I may skip over your design if my pens can't accommodate your bean's design (mostly green ones...) !
- :iconlabyriinthus:
Bagbean RequestsThought a journal might make this a whole lot easier haha XD
I'm attempting to learn how to draw bagbeans and draw them well, so I'd love to do some requests c: Be warned I have no idea what I'll be doing for this or how many I can take; I'll probably experiment in a variety of styles, they won't all be equal in quality. I might not do every one. If you're fine with that then comment below with a link to your bean's tracker! Thank you c:
- :iconcheesetiger:
Griffian RequestsI had to make a separate journal for the Griffian requests :V
If you want your Griffian to be drawn, please fill out the following form:
Griffian's Ref:
Pose + emotion:
Any other details:
They will look something like this :3
- :iconowl-shaft:
.:Might draw your Maze Variant with mine:.Just drop and Image of your maze under my comment and I might draw them with my Mazetti : D
Took this idea from Tenshi-no-Koneko ,Hope you don't mind
These will most probably be traditional but I'll try doing them digital.
plus this will NEVER CLOSE! but I will draw the drawings in my free time.
- :iconpatrick-clouds:
Griffian art requestI need stuff for my DOM and I don't have money because I used it to buy my DOM so now here we go a 750 Griffian art countdown
  * has to be official no unofficial stuff that aren't acchieved yet
  * will do yours once a month cause I want varietie but if I run out I will go for ones I've already did
  * you don't have to own griffian I will accept requests for gifts to other people and will try my best with them because so
  * I will take my time but I'll go down the list and don't worry about a comment to go to if I feature it then I've seen it and added to  the wait list
  * what I accept all Griffians SEC up
wait list
Loveshot36 132 - Blue Spotted Charaxes
Loveshot36 14 - Spring Meadow
- :iconsaltypepper87:
Drawing Bagbean Requests [Open]I will only be drawing Bagbeans!
I feel like I need a bit more practice with our cute lil bb friends. So I decided to open requests!
Please comment below with out Official Bagbean, and I might draw them!
If they have an overly complicated design I wont draw them.
All these drawing will be traditional and colored with touchnew markers (Your bbs Colors may not be exact)
I wont draw everyones BB and the process will be slow. 

You don't have to be watching me to comment with your bb but if you'd like to watch me that would be super awesome!
- :iconkelpiepie:
Griffia RequestsSo I kind of like their style and I'd love the chance to draw more? This isn't limited to DOM's I'd love to draw just more of the characters in general?  - :icondanielle-chan:
Griffian Art Requests Open!I've only joined recently, but I'm already really enjoying the world and species of Griffia! :-D I'd love to be able to draw some of these darlings, so I'm opening up for requests! <33
I'll pick and choose what I draw, but feel free to request any type of Griffian~ I'm likely to do anything, from a regular digital, to a pixel, to maybe even a sculpture if you'll allow me c:
Digitals will likely look somewhat like this:
- :iconwoodlanduni:
Free Bagbean RequestsSo I love the community and bagbeans. But I’m super shy and haven’t interacted or participated much so I thought I’d interact in a way I’m comfortable with. Free art! I don’t have a bean of my own but I hope to have one in the future so I’m gonna try drawing them. Please don’t get mad if I don’t pick you I wanna start with relatively easy designs at first. Slots will open once I finish them all. 5 slots to start. Might be taking more later.
NOTE: This is only for the species Bagbeans 
I'm not taking requests for anything else!!
- :iconcanineartfanatic:
Griffian RequestsJust give me your griffians to draw, I will draw them when I can and they'll be any kind of art, depending on what i feel like drawing
Finished Requests:
- :iconorkenenemitt:
Need Help [Griffia Request] XDSo uhhhh bc I'm a cheepo,
I'm taking Griffia request to get 540 SC to buy 9 starbeans and 1 aurabean for plans
Which means I need to do ~5400 pieces of art (if i can math correct)
So link me your kids and I might do them!
Please note that these will either turn out not to be 100% nice or done right away but I'll do my best ^^;
- :iconduffybunny:
Taking some Griffia requests - OpenYes, you read right! I'm opening requests for griffia but with some rules! Plase read them before posting!
1) Just griffian characters, no outside species. It doesn't have to be a DOM, you can try even conpanions!
2) You have to be the owner of the griffian character, so please post the MASTERLIST ENTRY so I can check
3) if your character has an OFFICIAL redesign, then please post a reference for this too. This means, if you used mutation items on your character and they were approved, then please post the picture of your character with these mutations
4) don't post pose requests! This is totally up to me!
5) there is no quarantee that I'll chose your character, so don't be angry if I don't chose you! My chosing will NOT base on: knowing you, activ in community, active comment writer... it'll just base on the character itself! 
6) I'll draw whenever I have an idea for a pose or the mood of drawing, so it'll be a surprise if I chose you or not because I'll bot inform you bef
- :iconfucal:


Reply with your active miscellaneous request to this comment - >…
Please remember to ping voxame when your journal is no longer active. If your journal is removed or is listed as closed, it will be removed automatically.
Griffian House AuctionHey everyone! I just got the OK for this so I'd like to start a lil experiment/interest check on house interior designs.
Thus I am offering the below interior design as a tiered auction with bonuses to unlock! This is just one of the many different styles that I can possibly offer (dome houses, tree houses, hollow treetrunk houses, exotic homes etc.) in the future if there is enough interest. The future prices will also depend on the outcome of this auction. MoneyBean auctions will likely be available too, but for this one it's USD (paypal) only!

This house is suitable for 1-2 griffians.
Tier 1 - Starting bid: $20
For this you get the design as it is, without watermark and background.
Tier 2 - $40
For this I will recolor small/medium objects (bed sheets, beanbag chairs, rug, curtain etc.) to however you like to suit your griffian.
Tier 3 - $70
For this I will add smaller objects of your choice (a portrait on t
- :iconqvicreations:
Griffian outfits for auction - now Crow outfitThis journal is for art center purpouses. 
Current outfit up for auction:
- :iconayinai:
BB| Super Smash Beans (On Hiatus)Welcome to the SSBeans project!

Hello there! I've currently come up with the idea of a drawing~
All the characters of Super Smash Brothers, but Bagbeans!
So basically Bagbeans in character costumes ;)
Each Bean drawn will have a completely separate and transparent fully body that I can note to the owner.
In the end, all of the drawings will be put into one big(?) drawing!
This will take up a lot of my time so I do want to gain something from it, so forgive me for charging for slots.
Down below are the available character slots, first come first serve.
EACH ONE COSTS A TOTAL OF $2.00 or 200 DA points
($1.00 for the Bean and $1.00 for the additional theme haha)
Mario: OPEN
Luigi: OPEN
Peach: Enreeu
Bowser: Plush-Bean 
Dr.Mario: OPEN
Yoshi: OPEN
Donkey Kong: OPEN
Diddy Kong: OPEN
Wario: OPEN
Rosalina and Luma: ParfyWarfy
Bowser Jr.: OPEN
Link: Caldercloud
Zelda: Leahlinn
- :iconbuyolitsezmc:
Offering free help!I understand there is a lot of sprouts out there who have problems connecting with their Griffian DOM characters but don't have the money to pay someone for an unofficial rebase/design or can't draw themselves .
Therefor am I creating this journal for those who need help with their characters!
What I can help with:
-Sketch concepts for redesign(-Give advices (I'll try my best)
-Sketch accessories and outfits
-Create a color scheme
What I can't help with:
-Doing full refs or clean art(I don't have the time and no one would commission me if I did everything for free sadly)
-Character personality
Fill out the form below to request help:
What: (what kind of help you need: redesign, accessories/outfits, color scheme)
Link to masterlist or current character design: 
Changes(if redesign): (colors, hair, markings, mutations)
ClutterCluster hair
PillowRabbit full redesign

- :iconlalacat2000:
Looking To Do Griffian Art TradesI really want some art of my baby girl so let's do this while I'm still motivated to draw!
Here's my baby!

And you can find everything about her here:

I will be offering pieces of this quality

So I expect something at least of a similar effort
Just comment below if you're interested. I'll be doing these one at a time so I don't overwhelm myself.
- :iconravensonglullaby:
Griffia Open Species Customs {TEMP CLOSED}These are 100% free!
I can either rebase your designs, or I am willing to create a design for you!
Whether it has a theme, or a character is based off, I'm comfortable with either!
I will be using these Bases so you can register them to the ML

Info on the above:
Dyst bunnies - Open Species
Cropeas - Species (open for bagbean owners) sheet
None right now
Waiting List: (will take longer, and be made be
- :iconem-lilly-lavender:
Help with Griffia Redesigns?I'm really struggling with quite a few of my babes and I'd love to see another take on them!
1) 053 - Kiwi Bird / Mawaki Markings / Accessories (optional) - Starting out with something small. I'd like to add 2x third eye, so she would have 4 total eyes, crystal growth (I can't figure out what shape or color(s) I'd like, but maybe something pink-red, blue, perwinkle? And maybe a hexagonal shape or crystal spikes), and freckles. I'd also maybe like to add fangs and claws, as well as wings? For wings, I'm thinking two pairs, and she usually only has one pair activated at a time. 1) something small and fluffy, like a kiwi bird's wings, but colored like her bag. 2) BIG wings
Here's some doodles of those! Mawaki Mutations
- :iconmewmew151:
Have you drawn this Puffshimi?Hey all! I just got this fantastic Zodiac Puffshimi (Capricorn. I'm not one but I adore his design!!) Anyway, he's not on the masterlist yet. but he came with some art, though I'm not sure who drew them. So like the last time I did this I'm reaching out to the group to ask if you guys drew or know who drew them. I mainly just want to be able to credit the artists in my stash and toyhouse. All these link are from my stash since I've only been able to find 2 on DA. Thanks in advanced you guys!!
This is the puffshimi:  (art by @/griffsnuff)
 - Unknown Artist
 - Unknown Artist
 - Unknown Artist
 - @/luckykitzy
- :iconrosexknight:

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